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Subject: Ivory Coast replacing destroyed Su-25s
Big Bad Pariah    11/17/2004 11:21:23 AM
According to Reuters, the Ivorian government has already ordered replacements before the UN arms embargo and sanctions are put into effect. Either Belarus or Ukraine are most likely supplying the aircraft through a third country.
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Yimmy    RE:Ivory Coast replacing destroyed Su-25s   11/17/2004 1:20:12 PM
Getting two Su25's again? I will laugh my arse off if the French destroy them on arrival, and I wiould fully support the French in such an action.
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imperia    RE:Ivory Coast replacing destroyed Su-25s   12/30/2004 7:00:15 PM
Heheh... It seems both sides are preparing for second half-time.
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PlatypusMaximus    RE:Ivory Coast replacing destroyed Su-25s   12/30/2004 11:41:49 PM
They called in reinforcements to destroy the first two. Is their occupation force now large enough to handle the demolition of two more?
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imperia    RE:Ivory Coast replacing destroyed Su-25s   12/31/2004 3:59:32 AM
Hehehehehehe!!! Well, as far as I know if something gos wrong they can still call in four Mirage jet fighters and a company of Foreign Legion from Gabon.
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trib    RE:Ivory Coast replacing destroyed Su-25s   12/31/2004 5:31:41 AM
they didn't call for reinforcements to destroy the first 2 SU-25s, French militaries were allready on the air field when they did return after they bomb the french camp. all they did have to do was to load explosive shells into their weapons, wait for the pilot to disembark and shoot.... as for the livraisons of the 2 SU25s, they will have to smuggle it very wisely, cause FAF are doing missions to force the embargo.
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