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Subject: French, Ivory Coast Forces Battle
Seeker    11/6/2004 3:40:39 PM French, Ivory Coast Forces Battle 27 minutes ago World - AP Africa By PARFAIT KOUASSI, Associated Press Writer ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast - French troops clashed with soldiers and angry mobs Saturday after Ivory Coast warplanes killed eight French peacekeepers and an American civilian in an airstrike — mayhem that threatened to draw foreign troops deeper into the West African nation's escalating civil war. AP Photo Reuters Slideshow: Ivory Coast Unrest After France retaliated for the airstrike, thousands of pro-government youths, some armed with machetes, axes or chunks of wood, took to the streets of the country's commercial capital, Abidjan. Crowds went door to door looking for French citizens and set fire to a French school, sending a pall of smoke over the city. "Everybody get your Frenchman!" young men in the mob shouted to each others. The U.N. Security Council called an emergency session Saturday, with U.S. and French diplomats preparing a sharp warning to Ivory Coast's government. France quickly sent three Mirage fighter jets to West Africa and ordered more troops to Ivory Coast in response to the violence. Hard-liners in Ivory Coast's military broke a more than year-old cease-fire, launching surprise airstrikes Thursday against rebel positions and vowing to retake the northern part of the country in rebel hands since the civil war began in 2002. Government officials said Saturday's airstrike that hit a French peacekeeper position was an accident — but the violence highlighted the nationalist fervor in the pro-government south. Many in the south resent the French troops, suspecting them of siding with rebels, even though the peacekeepers have protected government troops in the past. France has about 4,000 troops in Ivory Coast, and a separate U.N. peacekeeping force numbers around 6,000. Saturday's violence began when government warplanes struck French positions at Brobo, near the northern rebel-held town of Bouake, in the afternoon, U.N. military spokesman Philippe Moreux said. Eight French soldiers were killed and 23 others wounded, said Defense Ministry spokesman Jean-Francois Bureau in Paris. An American citizen was also killed in the raid, the French presidency said, without providing details. U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Ergibe Boyd in Abidjan said they've been told of the death by the French but haven't confirmed it. She said the American was likely a missionary, since there is no U.S. military or diplomatic presence in the area. In response, French infantry destroyed two Ivory Coast Sukhoi fighter jets on the ground at an airport in the capital, Yamoussoukro, 75 miles to the south, French military spokesman Col. Henry Aussavy said. "Our forces responded in a situation of legitimate defense," Bureau, the spokesman, said. "Now the priority is the immediate end of combat." France sent three Mirage fighter jets, due to arrive in nearby Gabon. and French President Jacques Chirac said he ordered the deployment of two more military companies to Ivory Coast. Foreign Minister Michel Barnier demanded Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo act, saying Gbagbo must "clearly assume his responsibilities and the role that is his to return the country to calm — especially in Abidjan." At the U.N. Security Council, the United States, which currently holds the council presidency, and France were drafting a presidential statement warning Ivory Coast's government to stop attacks immediately or face "serious consequences," council diplomats said. In the violence in Abidjan, loyalist mobs tried to overrun a French military base near the airport. French troops fired in the air and lobbed tear gas at the crowd. "French go home!" loyalist mobs screamed as they marched through the city. Mobs went house to house, seeking out French civilians, French military spokesman Henry Aussavy said. At least three French families had called French authorities to say loyalist militias had stormed their homes, a Western diplomat said, speaking on condition of anonymity. There was no immediate word on any civilian casualties. At the same time, Ivory Coast soldiers tried to destroy French aircraft at the airport itself, sparking clashes with French forces, a French spokesman, Jacques Combarieu, said. Combarieu said a French soldier was lightly injured and an airplane was lightly damaged before the fighting ended. A senior member of Ivory Coast's government — Sebastien Dano Djeje, Cabinet member for National Reconciliation — said the bombing of the French position in the north "was a mistake. We didn't aim to hit them." But then he questioned whether the government air force was really behind the strike. "But what proves it was Ivorian planes? We have to do an investigation," he told The Associated
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Ander320    RE:A change in French-ness   11/11/2004 5:27:47 AM
WinsettZ your just a petty bastard. F*** You and F*** all your bastard friend. Funny thing is there's no American who get the ball to speak like this in France. Even when they defend Bush politic in the Middle East they stay polite. Is it 'cause only the polite one came to France or only the no ball bastard bragg on the net?
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WinsettZ    RE:A change in French-ness   11/12/2004 7:41:34 PM
Ironic that I was actually defending France in the first half, since so many people insult France and say they surrender all the time. More's the pity, especially when the :P doesn't come out as anything more then a colon. Please, keep swearing.
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real_ice-man    RE:French Occupation   11/13/2004 7:50:36 AM
The French Army needs to leave the Ivory Coast. They screwed up big time. Shooting into a crowd of demonstrators is not acceptable. The French occupation of the Ivory Coast has to stop. Go home French. It's time for the United States to enter the region and clean up the mess the French created. If the Government is reluctant, then American mercenaries needed to be recruited to fight the French occupiers. A few ground to air missiles will send the French running with their tails between their legs.
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Occident    RE:French Occupation   11/13/2004 6:19:41 PM
"They screwed up big time. Shooting into a crowd of demonstrators is not acceptable." First the french army had never shoot any demonstrators. A controled reply was done whenever those "demonstrators" attacked civilian or the airport. Try to read the news and have a look to the real situation in Ivoiry coast. "A few ground to air missiles will send the French running with their tails between their legs." I think your parents need to limit your access to the net until you will be in age to understand the true life.
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bunglefoot    RE:French Occupation   11/13/2004 11:00:12 PM
So far it seems to me as though France has acted in an acceptable manner throughout this. Though I would like to toss the 'acting unilaterally' ball back in their court, I won't since ultimately that will solve nothing.
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real_ice-man    RE:French Occupation   11/14/2004 3:55:44 AM
What do you mean? The French General has stated that they shot at the demonstators!! 60 dead!!! Up to 1000 injured!! Where is the World's OUTRAGE. Why is the UN so quite?? It's time for the French Occupation of the Ivory Coast to end!!!!! GO HOME FROGS
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trib    RE:French Occupation   11/14/2004 12:24:17 PM
yep, french soldiers shoots in the crowd which were going on them. the same crowd which pillage house, raped what they can find, and has a really nice way of handling lethal bladed weapon... any forces in the world would have shoot in this matter. especially when the crowd is eager to kill you. and mister real_ice-man, i think it's your brain is iced, since UN talks on this and back up franceposition, as well as international opinion. French troops for now were the only one which prevent mass massacre in this country by putting themself between the 2 factions, and now they are part of an UN forces right there...
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Occident    RE:French Occupation   11/14/2004 1:01:17 PM
Ok "Real_Ice_Man", let's go ! The Frog leave Ivory coast.I am interesting in your strategy. On economic point one french job create 32 ivorian jobs. I let you calculate the level of unemployement for 14000 french expat. And what do you propose to manage the war between northern rebels and L. bagbo supporters ? I hope you are able to provide more interesting things than insulting the others, your ass behind your computer screen.
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real_ice-man    RE:French Occupation   11/14/2004 6:18:56 PM
One French Frog to 32 Ivorian, someone got a big head. The Ivorian are turning their business over to the Chinese, and the Canadian’s. Could it possible be due to the cheating, lying French? At this very moment the French are planning to topple the Ivorian Government. They are only waiting to get as many French people as possible before they start their overthrow. What lie will they use this time? "Rap virgins, bombs of French solders drinking wine with Moslem rebels" The French are only involved in the Ivory Coast to exploit, plunder, and steal. Where is the Worlds outrage? The French are lying about what’s going on in Africa. Is it possible that they are afraid of the 30% Moslem population they have at home. The Ivorian’s are proud to have cut down the big tree with a small ax.
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Occident    RE:French Occupation   11/15/2004 2:52:27 AM
"At this very moment the French are planning to topple the Ivorian Government. They are only waiting to get as many French people as possible before they start their overthrow. What lie will they use this time? "Rap virgins, bombs of French solders drinking wine with Moslem rebels" Yesss ... nothing more than racism, stupidity and lack of culture. A small guy with a small brain and more... CQFD
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