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Subject: powered armour: will it happen?
andyf    8/26/2004 1:41:54 PM
With the development of the powered leg exoskeleton and recent fielding of effective personal armour is a suit of armour feasable>? If the arms and legs were protected to the same or slightly greater standard than the current interceptor vest torso , the torso area reinforced some more < say an extra boron carbide plate> and a nice beefy helmet with a face guard- would it be of any help in battle? as long as the weight and size of the kit was kept to a reasonable level- not trying to make a 1 man tank- it would prove as hard to hit a man with a RPG as it is now
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ScottR    RE:The case for Armored Infantry   5/22/2005 11:31:47 AM
Armored infantry will always be a part of any military for the forseable future, wiether this armor is powered or not remains to be seen. The problem with powered armor is lack of mobility, mainly in regards to lateral movement and overall speed. Assuming you could design and manufacture a armored exoskeleton type powered armor within our lifetimes I doubt it would be in widespread use. A more likely scenario would be a heavy weapons configuration supporting more lightly armored infantry. The powered armor would carry a .50 M2HB and a 40mm grenade launcher and maybe a smaller caliber weapon for self defense. A typical APC mounted squad would be a powered armor suit and 4 light armored infantry. The weapons fit could be modular to allow light anti tank weapons or even armored flame throwers to be mounted. Scott R.
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Colonel_Korg    RE:powered armour: will it happen?   6/1/2005 2:06:04 PM
CHeck out this link at UC Berkeley News All we need now is to add an upper body powered unit, some high tech armor and an XM214 Microgun. Talk about house-to-house combat and be able to clear rooms? Oh Yeah! Korg sends
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Shooter    RE:powered armour: will it happen?   6/8/2005 1:00:44 AM
1. There is no conceivable power source to drive this thing. 2. There is no conceivable ARMOR ARAY that could protect this suite's occupant from current conventional small arms. 3. Current miniaturisation technologies will make the only practical mission for this thing light and small enough for a 12 year old girl to cary! Why spend money on an armored sensor platform? 4. Current RPV/UAV technology will remove the need to enter the house to nutralise the bad guys inside.
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andyf    RE:powered armour: will it happen?   6/8/2005 1:31:49 PM
the only problem with remote controlled anything is electronic warfare. how expensive would a jammer be? ok, the sand people arent gonna have them but the next enemy might. or little itty EMP weapons. an EMP grenade isnt impossible.
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andyf    RE:powered armour: will it happen?   6/12/2005 8:18:13 AM
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ScottR    RE:powered armour: will it happen?   6/13/2005 2:46:58 PM
Unfortunately the EMP question applies to powered armor as well.
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TrustButVerify    RE:powered armour: will it happen?   7/23/2005 11:13:13 AM
I used to think UCAVs were questionable due to the vulnerability of the comm link to jamming, but now I'm not so certain. Modern spread-spectrum technology such as CDMA aren't really succeptible to jamming. And then there's frequency-hopping techniques like HAVE QUICK... I think comm links will be safe. EMP is another question! I know you can minimize the chinks in your armor there, too but it's harder. One thing I'm REALLY interested in is the pioneering work in neural interfaces that have come out of Duke and DARPA. () Assuming a specialist doesn't mind having thousands of wires implanted into his motor cortex- and Bob knows where else- some really big doors are thrown wide open. Remotely piloted combat robots? Hell... I wonder if this technology couldn't be used on MBTs!
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sanman    RE:powered armour: will it happen?   7/25/2005 6:50:25 AM
Well, I'd imagine that you could apply remote telepresence to all sorts of weapons platforms. And when you consider that you're removing the vulnerable human from inside, then it allows you all sorts of savings on weight, volume, geometry, vital human protection systems. Smaller units are less visible. Also, you might be willing to forego lots of heavy armor on your R/C tanks, and instead rely on victory thru sheer numbers of units. Make 'em cheap, disposable, and easily replaceable, just like a disposable camera. If one blows up, the human pilot just hits the Alt-Tab key and shifts his control to the next robotic unit. Think of how much you save on training costs, when you only lose a mechanical shell in battle, while the human brain is sitting safely elsewhere, ready for renewed action. Think of what you save on logistics, food supplies in the field, reduced combat fatigue, etc.
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