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Subject: Starwars Lasers BS?
AchtungLagg    7/26/2004 11:10:18 PM
I just think this is the best place for this rant, you see, while watching star wars movies which i really like for nonmilitary reasons, it still perplexes me that such an advanced society fights ship to ship like wwii dogfights (where are the 1million mile range missiles?) and why are the laser shots slower than bullet projectiles, and why do they have color? Or am i getting something wrong? Would a projectile weapon be more accurate?
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andyf    nice weapon idea   8/15/2004 1:42:24 PM
heres one that james follet had: build a seriously strong magnetic containment vessel, open at one end. line it with metres of carbon. put a hell of a current into the continment field and detonate a tac-nuke inside it, nucler plama cannon. It'd take a while to reload but it'd be a sod to dodge
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andyf    starkiller technology   8/15/2004 1:47:06 PM
I have it!! al you need a a way of altering the relative strengths of the strong and weak nuclear forces. if you can do that..... fire the beam.. suddenly a chunk of the solar core stops fusing. massive collapse,,- keep the beam on it- black hole forms turn the beam off-- supernova -- im gonna go get my electronics bits out, I always had a deep irrational hatred of Rigel!!
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Ehran    RE:nice weapon idea   8/16/2004 12:45:13 PM
sounds like the hellbore from the bolo series.
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andyf    RE:nice weapon idea   8/17/2004 10:28:55 AM
not read that . any good?
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Ehran    Bolo's   8/17/2004 12:59:58 PM
i rather enjoyed them so far. i believe they are a creation of Keith Laumer (sp?) who also did the retief novels. basically truly giant ai controlled tanks vs various enemies. there are some shared world bolo books.
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wkwillis    mass drivers as fission aids   8/18/2004 4:05:32 AM
You can fission smaller quantities if you make them denser, so there is less chance of a neutron escaping before it fissions an atom. Just squishing it flat doesn't work, though. It doesn't prevent leakage.
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andyf    time dilated nukes   8/18/2004 11:53:01 AM
heres an idea, if youve got spacecraft propulsion drives that enable you to reach relatavistic velocities,, put a small nuke on it and detonated it before it even gets near the target. the time dilated explosion would smack into the target- you cant shoot a fireball down' wonder what it would look like to a 3rd party though. a beam?
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Ehran    RE:Ehran and Bolo's   8/18/2004 10:12:00 PM
if you do a search for bolo and sf you should come up with a list of books in pretty short order. once you have the author's name you should be able to get a complete list of bolo novels and then it's off to the library to expand your mind.
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Ehran    RE:time dilated nukes   8/18/2004 10:14:30 PM
more trouble than needed. even if you hit an object with a nuke the vapour still has enough KE to smear the target thoroughly. as you begin to approach the speed of light the amount of energy in the projectile goes up to literally astronomical values.
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eon    RE:Bolos and Laumer-eon to GRUM   8/20/2004 12:11:56 PM
Keith Laumer wrote the original "bolo" stories starting in the 1960s. They were about giant cybernetic tanks used by Earth to fight a very nasty interstellar war. The average Boilo was about 200 feet long, weighed about 3,000 tons, moved on fusion-powered tank tracks (big ones, I assume to avoid sinking into anything less refractory than solid bedrock), and carried weapons ranging from IRBMs with H-bomb warheads to heavy fusion cannon to "infinite repeaters", anti-personnel weapons similar to our 20mm Vulcan cannon (about 50 of them per side of the vehicle). The Bolo stories were interlinked with Laumer's Reteif series, about Earth's most successful diplomat (whose worst enemy was his own chain of command). Either set of stories is well worth reading, along with just about anything else Laumer wrote, and he wrote a lot..
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