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Subject: Starwars Lasers BS?
AchtungLagg    7/26/2004 11:10:18 PM
I just think this is the best place for this rant, you see, while watching star wars movies which i really like for nonmilitary reasons, it still perplexes me that such an advanced society fights ship to ship like wwii dogfights (where are the 1million mile range missiles?) and why are the laser shots slower than bullet projectiles, and why do they have color? Or am i getting something wrong? Would a projectile weapon be more accurate?
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doggtag    RE: Why the wait ?   8/13/2004 6:47:37 PM
That's the ultimate conspiracy, GRUM: too much of this tech too fast getting into the world markets means they can't make enough money off them. Even now, Boeing's "garage" is working on a gravity-manipulating system suggested/drawn up by a Russian engineer. What happens when gravity drives hit the market? Conventional aircraft makers are out of business. The same goes for advanced weapons: too much stuff hits the market too fast, and defense contractors can't rake in the money (pummeling your enemy with hyper-advanced weapons means the government won't feed you a trillion dollars in defense contracts for a thousand weapons when only one is needed.) Besides, there is a conspirital balance that must be achieved: fool enough of the people enough of the time, and they'll fight and die in the name of progress, to get more tech stuff. But kill too many, and no one buys anything. Progress moves the wheels of humanity, but if we go too fast, we risk wrecking disastrously. So, no space ships, mega laser cannons, photon torpedoes, transporters, or star-killing bombs tomorrow or next year, m'kay?.
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Warhammer    RE: Why the wait ?   8/13/2004 6:57:19 PM
Not saying we won't be able to do it tomorrow. Just from what we can see now, it is unlikely. When betting on time, best to bet in the long run.
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andyf    RE: What about destroying a Star ?   8/14/2004 1:37:46 PM
peter f hamilton worked out a way.. if youve got artificial gravity gnerators like all these future civilizations seem to do- you fire a high powered one straight into a star,, it either - high power setting - causes a small nova folowed by a black ole, or low power- whole star goes nova.. goodbye planets. you cant use antimatter to blow a star up because in the end a star IS an explosion anyway- and its generating a lot more oomph than your AM bomb would ever have. M< i think the Sun converts several hundred thousand tons into energy per second, > so your bomb would have to weigh i at least half that much.. and that wouldnt blow te sun up- it would cause a big ass flare/ nova
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andyf    RE: Why the wait ?grum>   8/14/2004 1:39:06 PM
are you Plato? thats the mad idea he had with his 'realm of ideals' isnt it?
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andyf    re: .9 c projectiles..   8/14/2004 2:03:34 PM
when any fast moving object impacts at relative speeds higher than a cople of km/s it detonates,, we have plenty of evidence for this.. every meteor crater there ever was,, mind you, even a small object traveling at a decent speed makes a hell of a hole
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Ehran    RE: What about destroying a Star ? Ehran   8/14/2004 3:47:13 PM
asking questions is good grum. awfully hard to learn anything without asking questions at some point or other hehe.
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Ehran    RE: What about destroying a Star ? Ehran   8/14/2004 3:51:27 PM
if you look at how much mass you have to accelerate to what speed to actually make even a small sun explode you see pretty quickly that the brute force method isn't going to be feasible for a long time if ever. finding a way to make the sun burn hotter might be possible but again that's probably a long way off if ever. it would however be a trivial exercise to scald a biosphere off a planet in comparison. might help if we had some idea why grum wants to blow up a star?
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Ehran    RE: Why the wait ?   8/14/2004 3:54:40 PM
because we can conceive of something and want it doesn't make it possible to do. for instance people have been wanting to fly like birds for tens of thousands of years and we still aren't there despite all the toil and brainpower deployed to solve the problem. still as he said " a man's reach should exceed his grasp"
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Ehran    RE: Why the wait ?grum>   8/14/2004 3:57:34 PM
I can design those Universes or Spaceships you all speak of right down to a " T ", but I can't do some of the math you guy's USE so I have to go about it in theoretical way. without the math it's just wishful thinking grum.
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doggtag    We ARE (or were) the stars.   8/14/2004 6:20:09 PM
"...finding a way to make the sun burn hotter might be possible..." That's the idea of how stars work anyway: despite their massive sizes, they only have a limited amount of "fuel" to consume, at which time solar physics makes some changes in what the star "works with": to survive, the sun must start fusing its other elements it has created from its earlier fusion cycles, which is what makes the difference between white, red, yellow, blue, and brown dwarfs and giants ("sun" types). This should confuse y'all a bit...or make things more clear: I have a book laying around somewhere that says what "phase" a star goes into during it billions-of-years-lifetime that says what elements it's fusing after its hydrogen then helium are used up. And like the above link states, iron is "typically" the cut-off,.. but not always. Solar physics is very complex and even interesting. Especially considering that our own sun is among the "small fry" category: we have observed/measured other stars that fall easily into the "giant" class, having diameters as big as the Earth's orbit around our sun. These beasties have used up all their hydrogen, and have begun to fuse heavier elements, creating massively larger temperatures, sizes, and gravity wells. Certainly suns CAN and DO fuse heavier elements than iron under the right conditions: all that blown-off matter from novae and supernovae is what creates our cosmic supply of "stuff": the aluminum and iron in your car, the copper and tungsten in your computer, even the carbon in your body, all used to be "sun stuff". All those elements didn't just "congeal together" out of primordial post-Big Bang dust. So it makes sense to me that the universe is expanding: as stars "burst", they send forth a new "batch" of elements, to later be used as planet material (or asteroids, comets, etc). Perhaps all the Big Bang really created was the elemental hydrogen of the first stars... and after enough of it gathered together, gravity took over and with enough heat, fusion began, as did the creation of the rest of the universe's "stuff". But that's just one theory. You used to be a hundred stars, GRUM. How's that for metasphysical thinking, eh?.
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