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Subject: Favorite Military Science Fiction Character
pragmatist    9/6/2002 10:47:40 PM
It is great to see the choices for Favorite MSF book. There are so many great titles from which to choose. How about Favorite Military Science Fiction Character? I'd say my personal favorite has become Miles Vorkosigan from Lois McMaster Bujold's Vor Lord series. But my other favorites have to include: (in stream of consciousness order) Andrew Wiggens, Juan Rico, Jack Ryan, Conrad Schwartz, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, Paul Atriedes, Willard Phule, Sam Damon, Lazarus Long, Johnny Tremain, "The Mule", Honor Harrington, Jack Holloway, Rick Galloway, James Tiberius Kirk, Manual O'Kelly Davis, Nicholas Seafort, "Wiz" Zumwalt, Nathan MacKinnie, Harry Redington, Matthew Brooks Dodson, Horatio Hornblower .... .... others?
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Heorot    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- ehran   4/8/2004 5:58:54 AM
Jerry's website is
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eon    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries and Piper-eon to Ehran   4/8/2004 8:10:38 AM
If you like these stories, I think you would definitely like Piper's "Uller Uprising". According to Pournelle, it's based on the Sepoy Rebellion in India under the Raj. (1840, wasn't it?) :-).
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eon    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- eon to Heorot and mike-golf   4/8/2004 8:15:51 AM
I almost forgot. (Time is catching up with my psyche.) You might want to read the rest of Piper's "Paratime" stories, and also the actual sequel to "Lord Kalvan". It's titled "Great Kings' War", and was written by Roland Green and John F. Carr, based on an outline Pournelle found in what have become known as "The Piper Papers". There was supposed to be a third volume written by Green and Carr, as well, but as yet I have never seen it or even heard if it was published.
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Ehran    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries and Piper-eon to Ehran   4/8/2004 9:27:52 PM
thanks for the tip. piper was a good author. sadly though i seem to have read just about every military SF book ever cranked out by anyone. used to average 2 books a day for about 20 years now it's down to ten or twelve a month.
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wkwillis    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- eon to Heorot and mike-golf   4/8/2004 10:21:25 PM
Eon The third one is out by mail order. Excerpts are available on the web. Don't remember where, but I found it in Google.
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eon    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- eon to wkwillis   4/12/2004 7:20:53 AM
Thank you, wkwillis! I've spent ten years wondering if Kalvan could pull it off.
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MisterClock    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   4/29/2004 1:20:22 AM
in no particular order: Raj Whitehall, O'Neal clan (A Hymn Before Battle), 'Ender' Wiggins, Bean (some Greek name?), Honor Harrington, Tulostenaloor, Prince Roger Ramius Sergei Alexander Chiang MacClintock, Amuro Ray, Matilda Ajan, Shiro Amada, Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker, Breetai,Max Stirling, Miriya Stirling, Shin Kazama, Derek Wildstar, Jung Freud,Amanda Garrett
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temporary    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   5/2/2004 10:42:27 AM
Wizenbeak, from the "Wizenbeak", "The Shadow Shaia", and "Lord of the Troll Bats", series by Alexis Gilliland. He's just trying to keep his irrigation and colonization project going and they won't leave him alone. To their regret.
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phalanx93    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Character   8/11/2004 2:14:30 PM
Mike Edwards in Red Storm Rising
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wkwillis    Gilliland   8/13/2004 4:39:43 AM
Alexis Gilliland also did the Rosinante series, a near future space colony forced to become independent by economic changes and dirtside politics. The US has an unsuccessfull coup during the novel. Gilliland seems to know a bit about the subject, and in his Wizenbeak series (Wizards and agricultural land reform), some third world politics, too. I wonder if he was using his National Bureau of Standards job as a cover for his real work for Clowns In Arlington, or if he's just an amateur.
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