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Subject: Favorite Military Science Fiction Character
pragmatist    9/6/2002 10:47:40 PM
It is great to see the choices for Favorite MSF book. There are so many great titles from which to choose. How about Favorite Military Science Fiction Character? I'd say my personal favorite has become Miles Vorkosigan from Lois McMaster Bujold's Vor Lord series. But my other favorites have to include: (in stream of consciousness order) Andrew Wiggens, Juan Rico, Jack Ryan, Conrad Schwartz, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, Paul Atriedes, Willard Phule, Sam Damon, Lazarus Long, Johnny Tremain, "The Mule", Honor Harrington, Jack Holloway, Rick Galloway, James Tiberius Kirk, Manual O'Kelly Davis, Nicholas Seafort, "Wiz" Zumwalt, Nathan MacKinnie, Harry Redington, Matthew Brooks Dodson, Horatio Hornblower .... .... others?
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eon    RE: West of Honor, etc.- eon to Heorot   4/5/2004 1:20:45 PM
That one is next on my list after "Go Tell The Spartans". As I understand it, it's set in the same universe, about a millenium after Johnny Christian's time, and roughly six years before the Pournelle/Larry Niven collaboration "The Mote In God's Eye". I'm going to reread it in order- at the time I got it (in the old Bantam edition) I did so because I'd already read the magazine version in Analog (but couldn't get hold of the issue with the last installment- not a new thing for any of us, I suspect.) If you liked it, I'd suggest looking up "The Wizard of Anharitte" by Colin Kapp; a very similar situation handled in a rather different manner. It originally appeared in serial form in "World of If" in the 1970s (I still have all of mine), and later in paperback from Berkley.
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mike_golf    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries-eon to mike_golf   4/5/2004 1:40:46 PM
I haven't read much Piper, but I will check out those titles definitely. By the way, there is a third Janissaries book, Storms of Victory.
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eon    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries-mike_golf from eon   4/6/2004 7:39:57 AM
Argh. I hope it's still in print......
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mike_golf    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- eon   4/6/2004 9:14:29 AM
I found it listed on Amazon by doing a quick search, you should be able to get it there.
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Heorot    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- eon   4/6/2004 12:53:28 PM
I forgot Beam Piper. Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen (also known as Gunpowder God) is my favourite story by him. God knows how many times it's been read.
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Heorot    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- eon   4/6/2004 12:59:33 PM
According to Jerry Pournelles website, he is working on a fourth book in the Janissaries series, to be called Mamelukes. As of June 2003 he had 20,000 words written. Can't wait. "I am also working on Mamelukes, the fourth novel in the Janissaries series. I have about 20,000 words. It takes place about 15 years after the last Janissaries novel. There are new characters, and the Galactics have a different attitude about Tran."
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Heorot    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- eon   4/6/2004 1:04:51 PM
The last post was wrong. This is the latest. "MAMELUKES: Latest Janissaries Novel. I have 65,000 words done of about 80,000. There are many new characters, as well as all -- ALL -- of the old ones. A lot happens. A LOT. Some happens off stage in the High Commission: I have no viewpoint characters who can see that, but the effects will be felt both on Earth and Tran. I've been working pretty steadily on this. Watch out for Ghurkas..."
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mike_golf    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- eon   4/6/2004 1:14:41 PM
Yes!!!! I have been dying for new science fiction from Pournelle for a long time now. Now if we could just convince him to write some more about Sparta and Prince Lysander and Falkenberg's Legion and the fall of the CoDominium!
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Ehran    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- eon   4/6/2004 7:25:14 PM
i'd settle for pournelle's compiled grocery lists hehe.
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mike_golf    RE:Pournelle's Janissaries- ehran   4/6/2004 7:57:07 PM
Okay, I can go for that. Heck, how about the outline for his grocery list!
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