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Subject: weapon imbalence in the future?
usa    4/21/2004 4:12:45 PM
Is there any indication that in the future, any types of combat will be rendered obsolete? ie: anti air defences will make a leap that will render combat aircraft obsolete? Anti-armor weapons that make armor obsolete?
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Steve    RE:weapon imbalence in the future?   4/21/2004 6:36:19 PM
I would say that if anything fast air would become obsolete. The advent of direct energy weapons would make stealth a prerequisit and the sky isn't the easiest place to hide. Oh look at me I'm just an inocent bird, please don't shoot me with your particle beam.
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eon    RE:weapon imbalance in the future?   4/24/2004 8:29:32 AM
I can't say that any present-day weapons are likely to become obsolete in the near term, but when hypervelocity KE weapons (i.e., railguns) and/or lasers become small and cheap enough to become practical forward-area air defense (FAAD) systems, I don't think I'd want to be a helcopter gunship pilot.....
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doggtag    RE:weapon imbalance in the future?   5/3/2004 9:57:41 PM
DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) is already taking shape in Boeing's YAL-1A Airborne Laser, for real. Check it out. There's no reason such a system designed to counter Scud-type ballistics couldn't slice a fighter in half at 200 miles out, either. And considering that it all fits in a 747, future mobile (2 or 3 tractor-trailers) could be deployed for airbase/critical civilian structure defense. Check out the US/Israel THEL (Tactical High-Energy Laser) prototype. It's expensive, yes, but it works now. Only cost is keeping it from the field in numbers. Give it 10, 15 years and only a fool would launch his opposing aircraft or SSM'S.
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blacksmith    RE:weapon imbalance in the future?   5/18/2004 9:49:13 PM
Image that the sky is no longer safe. Ground based energy weapons can wipe out aircraft, missiles, satellites, UAVs, etc. Shore based weapons make opposed amphibious landing too expensive to implement. The only way to prosecute military action is to duke it out on the ground, using or making geographic features to hide behind to avoid opposing fire until the the game finally goes toe-to-toe. War in the future looks like a scene from the movie Troy (which I heartily recommend seeing). Then some jerk will invent a force field and upset the whole balance.
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Vulture    Based on this I foresee massive tanks   5/28/2004 3:36:33 PM
like Bun Bun in Ringo's Posleen War series. Earth huggging with Metal Storm!
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rickdog    RE:Based on this I foresee tiny tanks   6/2/2004 6:23:07 PM
With the kinetic darts dropped from UAVs or satelites I see more distribution of assets. Smaller tanks that pack big punch and armor to stop shoulder arms, maybe.
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wkwillis    RE:Based on this I foresee massive tanks   6/3/2004 3:00:27 AM
More survivable and distributed system armored vehicles? Say, 32 wheel, wheel mounted engine, thermoelectric (the new high zt alloys), multibattery, multisupercapacitor, multifueltank, multicpu, separate crewpod, autoloader, threeman crew, plastic/ceramic armor, designs. It can stand up to anything that doesn't need a vehicle. Not by having an impregnable armor, but by having enough armor that only point failure (HEAT or APDS) attacks are successfull, and those are insufficient to knock them out.
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wkwillis    RE:Based on this I foresee massive tanks   6/3/2004 3:02:42 AM
I mean separate crewpods, as in each crewmember has his own pod. You can lose a crewmember, or a weapon, or a wheel, or a battery, or a supercapacitor, or a cpu, or a thermoelectric, or a fuel tank, but you really have to get beat up on to lose all of a category.
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andyf    powered infantry   6/4/2004 2:01:08 AM
im reckoning its the end result. not ridiculous levels of armour, enough to stop say a .50. and the power systems required for the unit to bear the weight. all your heavy weapons would be called -in assets. like uav carried bombs and the like
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