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Subject: Armored Infantry Regiment - An Option?
Polar    4/7/2004 4:59:07 AM
Well, I'm doing a little SF writing by myself, and as I've done some research on this board (among others), I stomped into several boards discussing the future of combat units, TOE and battlefield tactics. This is an example for an american unit in the mid of 21st cent, designed, trained and equipped for brigade sized combat operations. It could be an USMC reinforcement called from a BLT, or a regular Army formation as some kind of prime league "pocket division", similar and crosslinked to ACRs. Please ad your comments. Thanks a lot, Polar Armored Infantry Regiment (AIR) (3 Infantry Squads + 1 Weapon Squad) (36 men) + Command Team (4 men) + 3 Track Sections (18 men, 6 IFVs) = (58 men/40 dismounts, 6 IFVs) Storm Platoon 2 Tank Sections (12 men, 4 MBTs) = (12 men, 4 MBTs) Tank Platoon 2 Storm Platoons (116 men, 12 IFVs) + 2 Tank Platoons (24 men, 8 MBTs) + Support Section (6 men, 2 "mortar carrier"-ISVs)+ Command Section (6 men, 1 IFV, 1 MBT) = (152 men/80 dismounts, 13 IFVs, 9 MBTs, 2 ISVs) Infantry Lance 3 Infantry Lances + 1 Line Company (132 men/90 dismounts, 14 IFVs) + 1 Armored Artillery Battery (64 men, 8 SPHs + 8 FAASVs) + Command Platoon (58 men/40 dismounts, 6 IFVs) = (710 men/370 dismounts, 59 IFVs, 27 MBTs, 6 ISVs, 8 SPHs(+ 8 FAASVs)) Infantry Detatchment 3 Infantry Detatchments + 1 Air Infantry Detatchment + 1 Support Detatchment + assigned companies (Combat Engineer, Military Intelligence, NBC, ADA) = (2130 men/1110 dismounts, 177 IFVs, 81 MBTs, 18 ISVs, 24 SPHs(+ 24 FAASVs)+ aerial part + assigned part) Armored Infantry Regiment Air Infantry Detachment 3 Infantry Platoons (90 men) + 3 helicopter sections (18 men, 6 IFHs) + 8 men, 4 MBHs + Command Section (6 men, 1 IFH, 1 MBH) = (122 men/90 dismounts, 9 IFHs, 5 MBHs) Air Infantry Lance 3 Air Infantry Lances + 1 Air Assault Company = Air Infantry Detachment
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eon    RE:Armored Infantry Regiment - An Option? eon to Polar   4/16/2004 7:31:56 AM
Unless I miss my guess, you've just described a Wehrmacht Panzergrenadier Regiment, circa 1941 (ie., Operation Barbarossa). The only difference I can see is you're a bit heavier on airmobile troops (i.e., paras/Fallschirmjager)than they were historically. How do you intend to deliver them- helos, V/STOL (i.e, something like Osprey), or something we don't have as yet?.
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warishumannature    This is viable, and an interesting mix   9/27/2004 7:43:24 PM
torm Platoon = Platoon Lance = Company Detachment = Battalion Regiment = Regiment The organization is notably “Mech-heavy”, starting with the fact that you’ve got a Storm Platoon of 6 IFVs, instead of merely 4. They’re also pretty large IFVs, carrying 9 dismounts per (Bradley carries only 7, while I’ve seen no design carry more than 8). Are we talking something like Marine AAVs here? Look at the Infantry Lance: 13 IFVs supported by 9 MBTs – “infantry lance” is right, sort of an evenly balanced Mech Infantry Company. The other stuff is already being done, like pushing Arty assets down as low as possible – a good idea. The idea of 1 Air Assault Detachment/Battalion per Regiment is interesting – don’t know how practical it is, though. No experience in this matter. I think Marine units might be integrated like this, not sure. What we end up with is a good, mobile, armored force with a large dismounted infantry component, making it especially suitable for dense terrain or mobile defensive ops; the relatively fewer tanks makes it somewhat weaker on the mobile offensive and in sheer firepower, even with more IFVs and the Helo Inf battalion. It still has enough tanks to be offensive capable, just that a more traditional tank-heavy unit might have a 4-battalion regiment (3 tank, 1 Mech Inf) would have the advantage any open-terrain fight. The unit combines the best of Army and Marine Infantry-centered organizations.
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cougar2d    RE:Armored Infantry Regiment - An Option?    9/29/2004 9:12:52 PM
Looks okay but you might think about adding organic air cav attack troop w/recon ships. Also some GSR, UAV, etc. By mid 21st you'll probably have a lot of robotics in your force, so some sort of tech support will be needed.
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