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Subject: Prepare to repel boarders! Marine tactics on naval ships
Theory5    1/13/2012 4:31:20 PM
I am working on writing a space opera, and I am using that long long tradition of taking our modern sea-going navy and applying that to a space opera setting. Since this is my first draft I am not putting as much depth as I will in the final copy, however I need to do some research to move my story forwards. In this section, my protagonists, and the two marine squads they are with are moving through their ship trying to reach the bridge. The enemy has already boarded the vessel (somehow) and they are chewing through the marine compliments way too easily. My protagonists have almost reached the bridge, and they ran into a marine checkpoint crewed by one squad an a commissioned officer (captain). Right after the checkpoint officer confirms their identity, there is a loud explosion down the hall and soon the enemy will appear. So the checkpoint squad, as well as the two other squads take up defensive positions. But I do not know enough terminology (or marine ship defense tactics) to accurately depict how three squads would defend a large ship corridor. I've found a few marine tactic handbooks, but nothing on defense of or how to execute a boarding maneuver. I know how the first squad should be setup, using the checkpoint barriers as cover, but I can't think of how to arrange the other squads. This enemy can easily overpower them, so I want to emphasis that it takes a good amount of firepower to fight them. Does anybody know of a place where I can find manuals that will help me? Or someone's brain I could pick?
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