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Subject: What can be the effect of completely free carry : will civilians get better armed than soldiers ?
Pambas    3/26/2010 6:35:12 PM
Consider the following though experiment : A society of complete and unconditional free carry, in other world there is not limit whatsoever on what you can buy, how much you can or were you can carry your guns. Except if : The vendor finds it inappropriate to sell to you (no one is going to sell a gun to a deranged or drunk dude with peace of mind) and the only limitation to carry is if someone refuse to let you enter his property (house, business, field, stadium etc) armed. To complete the complete free carry picture, lets take the taxes out of the equation, you pay no taxes whatsoever, so the picture of a weapon market completely free of external interference is created and assure that everyone has ... a lot of cash in their pockets instead of cursing the IRS . Here are my questions : 1- What will be the effect of such a society to the weapons technology, what are the trends that may likely develop ? - how weapons may get in term of calibre and other specifications. 2- Is it possible that the citizens of such a society may get armed has good has current military personnel or even enjoy better material ? 3- In the hypothetical case that such a society may be threatened by a conventional army with artillery, rocket (Katyucha/Kassam style), choppers (Mi-4) and some aircraft and (exclude nuclear or bio-chemical or carpet bombing options for the sack of argument, capture conquer and occupy is the goal of the attacker), what are the kind of weapon individuals (There is not formal national army, the maximum those dude can organize is some kind of militia) in such a society could buy ? NB: We know that necessity is what trigger people to manufacture weapons, so we can suppose that the demand for heavy weapons by individuals may prompt some industry to provide it. PS: This is not exactly about insurgency in the Iraq or Afghanistan style ... think of it like the following : For at least 10 years, the condition of our said though experiment is realized in the US : Zero gun control at every single level and zero taxes (so we can eliminate gun control through taxation) ... the US army, the DOD or anything near a national army or State guard has vaporized ... OK Mexico decide they want a chunk of Texas and some and lunch a conventional attack a tank column, with choppers, some fighter bomber and has artillery, whit an estimated strength of 100 000 troops. Consider US population to the same has today I hope to that you consider giving your opinion Sam
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