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Subject: A vote for the continuation of Stargate SG1/Atlantis
CDT3    5/21/2009 11:50:03 PM
Now as everyone knows, SG1 and Atlantis are the best sci-fi shows so far ever made. I know a lot of folks will put their colective hands up for all the other programmes, but in all the website forums and magazine polls, SG1 was number 1, followed by alternating positions in 2 off Atlantis and Galatica. Why is it whenever Hollywood comes up with a good formula, they ditch it, just so they can try something new? Stargate Universe looks sort of ok in the previews, with typical Bridge Studio slick feel to it, but I doubt very much it will stick around for long, without some continual reference to the old shows (e.g. guest appearences by some of the old crews etc.). My point is, ten and five years respectively is not a real long time when compared to other types of shows that carried on for decades. Dr Who for example has been around since the sixties, I watched it then when I was in high school and I thought it was stupid then, it still is, yet it still goes on. As an aside, in a recent forum poll it was rated somewhere near the bottom for sci-fi film and television. The Bill has been going for over twenty years, that was a good show earlier on, I can't comment on it now. There are lots of other examples, but I'll leave it there. What I and many others would like to see is a world wide vote for SG1/Atlantis to continue, perhaps as a joint show, with the characters of either world joining up for co-op missions and so on. I know a lot of you will say it's too late now as most of the actors have moved on, but hey let's give it a shot. If the message is loud and clear enough maybe we'll see Carter, Jackson, Teal'c and the rest back in action. The odd appearence by O'Neill (two L's)wouldn't go astray either. And for all us Aussies, bring back Vala (Claudia Black) and her sidekick Col. Mitchell (Ben Browder). That's all for now.I'll be waiting to see the resonse. CDT3
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andyf    dr who   5/27/2009 6:44:45 PM
problem with dr who was it evolved into something hand-wringy and politically correct
no one ever has the correct attitude.
'these are alien killing machines bent on our destruction?'
'ok, we nuke them til they glow and shoot em in the dark then'
any character who actually wants to sort the problem out, dies in a dramatic way..
bad as startrek
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