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Subject: Battlestar Galactica: Resurrects 1/16
ker    1/9/2009 4:35:39 PM
The series that was over isn't quite. A wrape up is set to air. Then there is so much fillable space in the time line.
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ker       1/11/2009 8:06:20 PM
Published: October 16, 2008
Final Episodes to Begin January 16, 2009

"NEW YORK ? October 16, 2008 ? On Friday, January 16, 2009 at 10PM ET/PT, SCI FI's critically acclaimed drama series Battlestar Galactica will return with the remaining episodes of its 4th and final season. The 10-week run will culminate with the series finale on March 20th.

"Picking up from last June's jarring cliffhanger ? the Colonial fleet and their new Cylon allies led by Admiral Adama and the Galactica crew discover Earth to find it a barren nuclear wasteland ? the finale season promises to be rife with drama, action and revelation.

"Battlestar Galactica is the gripping saga of humanity's last remnants and their struggle to find a new home while fleeing from their deadly Cylon enemies. Redefining the space opera with its gritty realism, Galactica's intensity, issues-driven topicality, and command performances have garnered it numerous awards, including three Emmys and the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award. The show was twice recognized by the American Film Institute (AFI) as one of the most outstanding programs of the year. The series is executive produced by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, and the outstanding ensemble cast is led by Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer and Grace Park.

"SCI FI Channel is a television network where "what if" is what's on. SCI FI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic Web site ( >) and magazine. Launched in 1992, and currently in 93 million homes, SCI FI Channel is a network of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. "
"Battlestar Galactica will be returning to the airwaves on Jan 16th, 2009 and will finally conclude the 4th and final season of this block-buster series with a 10-week run that will culminate on March 20th, 2009."
"That won't be the end for Galactica fans, though. A post-season movie special exploring the Cylons' quest to obliterate the human race has already been announced, and there's always the Caprica spinoff that's in the works."
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ker       1/13/2009 5:19:26 PM The "Top Ten Things You Need To Know" about BSG from the SI-FI program of that name.
  1. The fate of the human race is in jeopardy.
  2. Admiral Adama leads the colonist in search of earth.
  3. The Galactica crew is family.
  4. Cylons look like us now.
  5. The president is dying.
  6. There are cylons within the Galactica crew.
  7. Starbuck has a destiny.
  8.  A cival war has split the cylons.
  9.  Enemys have become allies.
 10.  They found earth.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another plays where BSG producers Ron D. Moore and David Eick promote.
(Also cast shot.)
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ArtyEngineer    Im pretty damn excited   1/13/2009 5:39:54 PM

My evenings are being spent watching the complete series to date on DVD in preparation for final few episodes.  Yes that is correct I currently have no life ;)

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ArtyEngineer       1/17/2009 11:48:14 AM

I hope everyone was suitable impressed!!!! I was ;)  Dualla blowing her brains out was inspired!!!!!!  Kara finding her own body! Fooking Awesome.

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ker       1/18/2009 9:55:45 PM
Some where some one won the pool on who is the last cylon.  You know that they picked a name off a cariter list at random.
No one saw that comming.
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HERALD1357    I HATE this dumb show.   1/19/2009 1:42:05 AM

I hope everyone was suitable impressed!!!! I was ;)  Dualla blowing her brains out was inspired!!!!!!  Kara finding her own body! Fooking Awesome.

As a critical commentary on how much this show stinks, it ranks up there with Edward James Olmos accidentally breaking that $15,000 ship model they rented in that episode when Stardoe disappeared down the flush toilet CGI generated on that so called jovian planet wormhole that led to "earth".
Invert the name, Ron Moore, to obtain the true quality of the person who writes and executive produces this show.
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ker    Your supost to hate it.   1/23/2009 4:27:47 PM
The function of SciFi on tv is to cut through the 500+ channels and nothing on blur to get a stable moderately sized fan base.
The way to do that is to take a legend that impressed people when they were young and impressionable and wreck it.  Just violate it.  The old fans don't want to watch but like a train wreck they just can't look away.  The re-watch and biog and scream and try to figure out what they think.  The noise draws in young people who are still impressionable and they can be made to really like it.
Greedo shoots first, Enterprise surrenders and Starbuck gets sexual reassignment.
Boomers is a cylon.
Worst of all Kirk married Murphy Brown before he got mad cow.  (Boston League.  Yes the show is a commentary on American heroes real and fiction.) 

I could just not watch anything but Band of Brothers.  Thats the Gold standard.
Burn Notice is back on again and it's good.
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ker       1/30/2009 5:42:41 PM
I have a prediction.  Boomer, who voted with the ones to cut up the raiders against all the other 8s, turns against the ones.  Cavil calls Boomer his pet 8.  I can foresee something like Boomer, with a handgun on the ships bridge.  It would be a kind of an Eco of Adam getting shot on the bridge of Galatica. 
I think 8s infiltrate farther than intended.  ???
They go native.
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