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Subject: Alternate history of WW-II game?
Shooter2K    10/14/2007 5:17:34 PM
If you were the leader of one of 16 National-socio-political states contesting a 2nd world war that was postponed from 3May 1943 to 3 May 1945 with using the two years to build and prepair those forces for the comming final battle, What percentage of forces would you choose? IE Army, Navy, Air Force, Merchant Marine, Industrial Production and infrastructure. A perfectly ballenced force would have 20% of each, but that is not required. It is your choise to have more or less of any type of unit so what would you do?
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Shooter2K    Axis of time by ?   10/19/2007 11:02:15 PM
No, I have not. I'll have to look them up at the library if they are any good? Do you recomend them?
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andyf       10/20/2007 3:17:26 PM
cracking.. basically a 21st century battle group gets shoved back in time just before midway
the guy has thought this out fully
only gripe, he spelt F35 as F22
love the concept of combat maces-
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Shooter2K    I saw that movie?   10/23/2007 12:06:49 AM
It was neet and also came to the same conclusion;
It is theoreticaly-logicaly impossable to change the past because it has all ready happened? But then it would of course make time travel a dead end story?
How about it? Would you like to try your hand at beta testing the game? It is a hoot and gives you the chance to change the history of WW-II! We have shown that it is possable for any one to win! Several of us have won as one of the axis powers and the favorite side is the USA and it is still open. The French and Italians have neet options and have the possability of "Doing more with less!" Which is always a hoot IF you make it! It is sort of like blowing the doors off of a Corvette with a Fiat at the local Autocross!
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andyf       10/23/2007 2:42:55 AM
nah, that was 'final countdown'
this one its a parrallel world- that way you have no pesky temporal problems
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Shooter2K       10/25/2007 1:14:03 AM
I guess that makes mine one of the parrallel univers type games. It is an alternate history not time travel! You get to become the prime leader and make the choises. It is more than anything a game to have some fun and see what might have happened IF they had made the right choises? I think the people on this board have brighter than average intelects and could probably do a better job than just about any body back then? My address is drop me a line. SFD.
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