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Subject: Anti-UAV missile
w34p0n2m4n    9/6/2007 12:57:06 AM
It seems like there are going to be a lot of UAVs flying around the battle fields of the future. Most of them are going to be relatively small, unarmed, and capable of completely ruining your carefully laid plans. So it makes sense that 20 years from now, when our enemies are using UAVs against us, to develop some sort of counter-UAV weaponry. The most entertaining idea I can think of is a small (bottle rocket sized) anti-air missile. The main problem I can think of is how to track and lock-on to a UAV. They don't put out much heat. Maybe the missile could home in on their radio link to their operator. A UAV isn't much good if it can't transmit.
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Crimson    Miniaturization   12/23/2009 2:21:18 PM
The tracking system exhists in the FLEER system used by police, coast guard, and military today. It combines thermal and movement based tracking, the trick is going to be getting it small enough to fit the system on the propelled grenade/missile. Although, if you made it a two part system.... the tracking base, possibly the size of a bowling ball for single person operation, to be rapid deployed and then the steering system set up on the grenade/missile itself. The base would track and steer the projectile to the target, or near enough to disable it. Keep in mind, these UAV's are NOT going to be getting any lower than they have to. In twenty years, these systems will only improve... and i would think that the technology would allow them to do so from further away. Of course, i am sure that the other area of improvement would be in stealth tech., which would make a visual tracking system just one of several key elements required in an effective counter-uav weapon platform.
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ker       12/23/2009 6:23:48 PM
When Iraqi sam units painted Americans maintaining the no fly zone the Americans atacked radars, launchers and comand and control positions.  Would we do the same is another nations UAVs "painted" or obsurved our ground units? Easyist place to distroy a UAV may be on the ground.  The weak link in terms of surviability of the UAV capacity is the human. 
Could conflicts escalte because each side had different expectations of how hostal / provocative it was to mess with UAVs.  What if my $1000 UAV flys infront of your $1000000 UAV and slows down provovaing a colition?  Act of war or just ship bumping? 
Disposible UAVs that get the info before they are shot up?  Decoy UAV's that serve only to find and distract anti-UAV capasitys of the enemy?
What if you don't find a return adress on the UAV or you find a counterfit UAV that wasn't sent by the people you think it was?
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