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Subject: tech mismatch
andyf    8/3/2007 6:53:52 PM
there have been many cases in history where a nation has had technology ahead in some areas and behind in others. at moment I can think of 1 mainly.. imperial japan; they had state of the art torpedoes, leading edge naval guns and completely neglected radar and armoured fuel tanks on planes
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Treadgar       8/8/2007 10:12:21 AM
What about Germany and the Allies in general. The British had more advanced radar, and they shared their technology with the Americans. Look at all the weapons systems the Germans created and then look at the arsenals of today. The Germans developed the first cruise missiles, the first ballistic missiles, even remote piloted vehicles. They produced the first operational jet fighter, and from what I've heard the ME-262 might have given a good account of itself vs. the Russian Mig-15, and the American F-86 (remember I read that somewhere and I'm not sure it's true). And what about being behind in some areas? I already mentioned radar. The Germans never developed an adequate heavy bomber. Towards the end of the battle for the Atlantic the Germans had a hard time keeping up with antisubmarine technology jointly developed by the British and the Americans. Remember the P-51 Mustang, many German engineers believed it was impossible to develope a fighter that could slug it out with ME-109s, and FW-190s and still have the kind of range the P-51 had. So there you have just one more example. Further consider the German standard infantry rifle, the KAR-98 (is that right?) and compare it to the American M-1 Garand. Of course the Germans had better machine guns in the form of the MG-34 and the awesome MG-42. I could go on, but I'll wait and see what others have to add.

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Sabre       8/8/2007 5:17:41 PM
The Germans also developed Infra-red sensors for tanks - I believe two Panther battalions had that capability (I could be wrong on the tank type).
In addition to the StG44 assault rifle (which, with the MG42, made German infantry truly fearsome), and the Panzerfaust and Panzer-schreck (although the allies also had hollow-charge warheads, I think that Panzerfaust was by far the biggest).
The Germans certainly did have radar (which is why the allies needed "window" and other counter-measures during the bombing campaign) and even equipped some twin-engined planes, um... JU-88's? (those were bombers, but I remember a photo of one with radar antennas all over it...)
The additional application of radar technology that the allies used was in the VT (variable time) fuze - it would reliably detonate an artillery shell for a 7 meter height of burst.  While that may not sound important, when using artillery to kill infantry, it is excellent.  Shells with impact fuzes spend much of their energy (and shrapnel) in the ground.  Bursting in the air rains down shrapnel on everyone.  Otherwise, without VT fuzes you had to use mechanical time fuzes (that functioned after a set number of seconds), do some math, and usually get it wrong and have to correct it on subsequent rounds (and by that time, most enemy soldiers are in cover).
Nuclear weapons would be the other, obvious, allied technology...
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Treadgar       8/9/2007 9:32:06 AM
To be sure the Germans had airborne radar. You're right many JU-88s were equipped with radar as night fighter variants. There were others, like the ME-110, the ME-410 and many others. One of the most fascinating aspects of the air war over Europe was that of the night fighters. After the Battle of Britain the Germans did not stop bombing the English, they just came at night, and the raids weren't as big as before. The British put radar sets in the Blenheim (spelling?) bomber, the Beau fighter, and later on the Mosquito. The competition was fierce, each side fighting like mad for technological superiority. Of course the British switched to night time bombing as well, so the Germans developed a formidable night fighter defense system, and most of these craft were equipped with aerial radar sets. I say most because the Germans did employ single engined fighters on occasion such as the FW-190.

The panzerfaust and panzerschreck are excellent examples. I think some of the impetus for their creation came from the American bazooka. The sturmgeweher? Another good example, it is the fore father of the M-16, AK-47 and other assault rifles of today.

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Ehran       8/9/2007 11:42:06 AM
panzerfaust was essentially an rpg while the shreck was an out an out copy of the american bazooka.
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TrustButVerify       8/16/2007 3:03:53 PM
I suppose the case can be made that the U.S. (and the West overall) have neglected the 4GW concepts we keep getting hammered with while the Chinese have pulled ahead.
There, I said it, now we don't need to hear it again.

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Herald1234    Clear up some errors.   8/16/2007 7:15:20 PM
1. The Japanese were not the standard for naval gunnery, the United States was.
2. The design of Panerfaust and Panzerschreck was directly inspired by the BAZOOKA.
3. World leaders in torpedoes were the Japanese, and the Italians-yes that is correct, the ITALIANS.
4. For some strange reason, nobody mentions that America was a world leader in RADIO and TELEVISON, and that America started late but actually deployed some radio guided and TV guided glide bombs against the Japanese.
5, British led the world in acoustics and sonar as well as JET ENGINES. Despite the Me262 the Gloster Meteor's engines were far superior to that of the Swallow..
6. Britain invented the IADS.
7. The proximity fuse was developed as a fuse for a FLAK shell  It was actually a radar fuse. Quite an Allied achievement it was.
8. The British led the world in electronic computers, the Americans led the world in mechanical, computers.
9. The Russians were just a tad behind the Germans in rocketry. they were also world leaders in aerodynamics, as well as the inventors of the only non German system of armored warfare [deep battle] which is the system that is the basis for much combined arms warfare today.
10. The Russian also invented throwaway, and just in time logistics.
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