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Subject: Bolos & infinite repeaters
Treadgar    6/28/2007 9:42:37 AM
The post about favorite military science fiction characters made me think of the Bolos, as I replied to that post. Now I'm thinking back. I haven't read any of the later stuff, but I read one of the first Bolo short stories and I used to play the board game. I'm thinking back right now to unit LNE ("Lenny") of the Dinochrome Brigade. There was mention of infinite repeaters as part of the Bolo's weapons compliment. Did they ever explain what an infinite repeater was? Treadgar
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WarNerd       6/28/2007 10:09:25 AM
Check "A Brief Technical History of the Bolo" in the back of "Bolos: The Triumphant" entry for the Bolo Mk. VIII
The term 'infinite repeater' is any secondary battery on a Bolo.  Up till the Mk. VIII they were various types of railguns with very large ammunition supplies.  On the the Mk. VIII they shift to lasers.  Later the Mk. XVI switched to ions bolts (particle beams?), and finally in the Mk. XXXI to hellbores.
The article is a good read.
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Treadgar       6/28/2007 4:40:45 PM
Thanks for the info. Yes you could consider an "ion bolt" a particle beam since the beam consists of particles, in this sense ionized particles.

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