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Subject: Stream Armor
Miles    6/6/2007 4:18:42 PM
In a stream punk world, I thought of an idea of a warrior, called a Stream Knight. They wear a suit of armor, which generate stream to give the knight abilities? Here's the problem, the suit would burn up the wearer, since the stream would make the armor hot. And I'm still trying to figure out how this armor can be useful. How can the stream armor suit be safe for wearers, without burning them? Plus, what can this stream armor do, since it's power by stream? Any concept for this type of armor?
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andyf       6/6/2007 4:25:54 PM
do you mean STEAM?
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Miles       6/6/2007 5:20:51 PM
YES.  Steam Armor.
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Treadgar       6/6/2007 7:12:51 PM
I can't imagine any knight with steam powered armor in the genre which you seem to be writing about, at least nothing that would be realistic. Steam punk? I'm not sure what that is, unless your talking about Gibson and Stirling's Difference Engine book.

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andyf       6/7/2007 1:02:52 PM
at that time weapons had far outstripped armour
i.e. what could be shot at you, certainly beat what you could carry
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Jeff_F_F       6/7/2007 4:36:15 PM
Steampunk is a takeoff on the name cyberpunk. It seems that replacing most or all of the human body with cybernetics isn't sufficiently far fetched so some fiction writers, comic and manga artists and such have gone for a genre where all technology is steam powered, but somehow not limited to the kind of stuff that was powered by steam in the real world, or even powered by anything in the real world.
Giant robots and mecha being commonplace, for example, despite their (you would think) obvious military shortcommings.
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Treadgar       6/9/2007 12:31:03 PM
The precision movement of any hypothetical steam armour would be difficult to achieve I think. What kind of feed back mechinisms would you have? Seems like the best you can get is mechanical switches and such, slow, and prone to mechanical breakdown.

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w34p0n2m4n       9/5/2007 11:31:11 AM
Dude, if you're going to go "steampunk" you might as well stop trying to be logical right now.
Steampunk is absolutely impractical.  I think it started with graphics artists, not writers, because it's possible to draw something that looks like a cross between a steam engine and a mecha. . .it looks really cool, but steam is far too inefficient to ever be scaled down.
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ArtyEngineer       9/5/2007 6:24:52 PM
I suggest you line the inside of the suit with "Hardtofindium" or maybe "Unobtanium" two perfect insulators ;)
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MadMilitaryMind    Warmachine/Iron Kingdoms   9/6/2007 8:35:55 PM
I would take a ot at the Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine gaming systems, It is very steam punk and a main part of the game is guys and girls running around the battlefields)
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MadMilitaryMind    Warmachine/Iron Kingdoms   9/6/2007 8:37:30 PM

I would take a ot at the Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine gaming systems, It is very steam punk and a main part of the game is guys and girls running around the battlefields in steam armor.. sorry I'm tired

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