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Subject: Living in a militray government
Miles    4/27/2007 6:29:59 PM
What do you think it's like to live in a militray government controlled by the militray.
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murabit821       5/15/2007 5:26:23 PM
it depend how this military goverment govern
may this goverment act as some kind of military cast (dominated in all military , interior , some economy area)
or this goverment can militarized all kind of  living
with  friend Roman  we work on fictional army of fictional goverment
we work on one small country where police and army be jointed
where light infantry deployed in company/battalion size unit cross the country and every this units maintain one police station (military police system ) this system have lot of advantage and lot of disadvantage
aslo enginer /fireman units

second design 
that country is divided between military governor /colonel in chief od strong regiments (this regiment occupy one area county)regiment is core unit of proffesional cadre /personal 
- combat unit /infantry compose  act as SWAT
- armou unit as as  Riot Police
- enginer unit with dual role as Fireman
- medical unit with dual role as paramedic
- information unit wih personal in Counterinteligence/inteligecne role like KGB/CIA
- aviation unit also support police , firemen , medevac roles
- Logistic unit support all units
rest units Air Defence , Artilery have pure military roles

High regiment can form inmediatly strong rapid combined arms company with diiferent composition depend on task
also possible form battalion from each of unit with special tasks
High Regiment can form expeditionary regiment from all units with calling reserve
and finaly act as Area Defender with total mobilization

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