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Subject: The Emprie Earth vs religion in a dinosaur world
Miles    4/24/2007 3:41:46 PM
Remember reading my two topics, Earth becoming an empire and science vs religion? One of you gave me an idea that the Earth gets run by a cyber emperor and empress. And in the science vs religion, the science side started to get into the religious people's culture too far. Now how can I combine these two ideas into my story? Oh and I decided my story will take place in alternated Earth, where dinosaurs have never died out. Both mammals and dinosaurs lived in the wild, and mankind is struggling to survive, as they build their own cities. Some humans are advance, and some are wild tribal people. In the future, technology became advance to help one of the human cities to survive. That's when the cyber emperor and emperess were created. How do you think should I fit these ideas into my story? My story is called, Super Beast Soldiers.
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w34p0n2m4n       9/9/2007 9:43:20 PM
I'm not sure that humans could advance to a level of technology where they could create "cyber rulers" if mega-fauna like dinosaurs still existed.  There would be too much competition for resources (like human flesh).  I mean, how do you stop a herd of brontosaurs' from walking through your town?  How do you convince a T-rex not to eat your herd of cattle? 
Besides, mammals only got the chance to evolve beyond rat size because the dinosaurs died out.
So, maybe you could change your storyline a bit.  What if humans from Earth (in the future) use their superadvanced technology to travel to a parallel dimension where dinosaurs never got killed off by a meteor.  They could establish a rather large footprint on the alternate-Earth because they have the technology to shove the dinosaurs out of the way.  They have all the trappings of their futuristic society like mono-rails, self tanning booths, and computer controlled municipal services (waste, water, electricity, etc). 
Then, the unthinkable happens, a giant meteor hits the original Earth and shuts down the portal to alternate Earth (irony).  Without the connection to their source of technology they gradually deteriorate because they never had to build up the industries which process raw materials.  Some of their tech endures, like the AIs which ran their municipal systems. 
The few people who were educated enough to preserve a basic level of technology banded together and abandoned the rest of the settlers.  So there are a lot of people who are squeeking by in a tribal existence by avoiding contact with mega-fauna and there are the techies who are still capable of fighting it off.  Maybe by studying the alternate-Earth versions of mammals they gained insight into their genetic code; enough to tweak it and create mutant soldiers who can put up more of a fight against the dinosaurs.
Maybe the techies are still well aware of science but everyone else has forgotten so they have reverted to barbarism.  They tend to worship things like clouds, trees, dinosaurs, etc.  That way you don't have to have a pure Science vs Religion schism.  The techies simply have the same "science is useful for one thing and mono-theism for another" philosophy we have now and the barbarians are back to praying to whatever tends to kill them.
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