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Subject: Dinosaur soldiers ( The Super Beast Soldiers story)
Miles    3/14/2007 6:58:51 PM
In my story, the enemy I came up with are dinosaur soldiers. And this is their orgin. A group of scientists discovered an underground ice cave with a small colony of frozen dinosaurs. There are about seven types of species in the cave. They are all dead, but their bodies are still flash and blood. The ice kept their bodies flesh from rotting into bones. The scientists brought them to their lab in American to study. They took blood samples from the dinosaurs to study their genes. The time takes place during a cold war between China and the United States in the year 2500. When China discovered what the Americans found, they became very jeailous. And so they sent spies to steal the samples and bring them back to their goverment. Understanding what they could do with the Dino genes, they decided to create a race of dinosaur soldiers for their military. After years of blending the genes with human genes, they finally created a perfect dinosaur human hybrid. The Americans soon discovered that the Chinese stolen one of their samples and destoryed their frozen dinosaurs. The Chinese thought the Americans would create their own dinosaur soldiers, and that's why their spies destroyed the last dinos. By then the USA and China went into war against each other. The Chinese of course used their dinosaur soldiers to attack the Americans. By the time the Americans are losing, they created the Super Beast Soldiers to win the war. And it goes on. What do you think of the plot of the dinosaur soldiers?
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Jeff_F_F       3/15/2007 4:32:51 PM
What's so special about dinosaurs? They are alive today on every continent on the planet. Nowadays they don't get as big as they used to but that isn't a bad thing for combat. A little fact of physiology Strength is not proportional to size, but rather increases proportionally to the square of size. Weight however increase by the cube of size. The larger a creature the proportionally weaker it is because its power to mass ratio is worse. Small is better than big.
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andyf    dinos   3/15/2007 6:52:54 PM
i did an RPG scenario a while ago. the players discovered that the dinosaurs hadnt been wiped out by an asteroid at all. some of them had developed a technical civilization after they pretty much wiped out all the others. then the dinos invented a time machine.
then they came here.
it was interesting
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