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Subject: Geon-X
Miles    3/1/2007 11:48:46 PM
In my Super Beast Soldiers fiction, not only my half human half animal hybrids are soldiers, but they will also have super powers. Geon-X is what gives them super powers. The problem is I'm trying to figure out how it's made, how it works, and what genetic type of form it can be. This thing is what makes my beast soldiers Super Beast Soldiers. Does anyone know a good possible scientific idea for the Geon-X? Something that would make my readers become interested to learn about it? Well it may not be possible, but I thought would be a good idea for my soldiers to have super powers, because it gives them a better advanage against their enemies. I'm looking for good science fictional advices.
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Jeff_F_F       3/3/2007 10:13:25 PM
I suggest reading the Holographic Universe and use that as a starting point.
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