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Subject: The Zone--Anyone remember these books?
sentinel28a    2/15/2007 8:12:01 AM
I used to have a novel called "The Zone." It was a WWIII novel that followed the standard format--Red Army invades Germany, yada yada--but the war stalemated in central West Germany. Both sides used chemical weapons to the point that the "front" is basically about a 40-mile wide dead zone. No one wants to start thowing nukes, and neither side will admit defeat, so both NATO and the Pact just run patrols and the occasional local offensive through the Zone. It's basically WWI with WW3 tech. And beyond--the characters tool around in a British made hovertank called "The Cow." I remember that the leader of the squad was an American, and he had a British sergeant who'd had his face burned off by napalm. They ended up with an American M60 gunner who was a crude jerk (but kinda funny), a British sniper with no emotions, and an East German woman who just hated everybody (but secretly loved the American officer). It was a typical late 80s "Men's Adventure" novel, which meant lots of violence and lots of sex, similar to the ludicrous Wingman books but actually fairly believable. I know there were at least two books written...does anyone know where I can find them, or if there were more written?
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ens. jack       2/15/2007 3:08:50 PM
i've never heard of em, but thanks for the tip, they sound interesting.
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