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Subject: Favorite Military Science Fiction Book
D Masterson    8/31/2002 9:58:17 AM
Let us know what your favorite Military Science Fiction book is. Personally, Ender's Game is probably my favorite with Starship Troopers a close second. There certainly is a lot of good stuff out there.
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Sentinel    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   8/31/2002 2:09:36 PM
Check out the "Sten" series by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch. That's what MSF is all about!
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Jay    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   8/31/2002 7:53:11 PM
I cannot think of one favorite book, but I guess favorite author would be a tie between Steven Coonts and David Hagberg. I loved Starship Troopers when I first read it. Hard to believe Heinlein wrote it back in the 1950's. I'm reading a really neat alternate history book right now, "1632" by Eric Flint. Though I have read copious amounts of military novels and biographies this is the first alternate history book I've ever read. Plot is basically this, a cosmic accident causes a small mining town in modern day West Virginia, to get transplanted into Central Germany during the Hundred Years War, in, you guessed it, 1632. The book is an excellent illustration of the Hundred Years War and the personalities involved, as well as the life of the common people of the era. It also is an excellent study on the formation of a new democracy of peoples of various languages and cultures, a problem the newcomer Americans have to deal with. If I have one complaint about the book, it is that the characters are illustrated in detail, but with a seemingly childlike simplicity of character. Doesn't come across as very realistic. Still a good book overall though and well worth the 8 bucks. I understand it's sequel, "1633', is somewhat better in this regard.
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tommy atkins    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   9/1/2002 12:24:03 PM
Gotta be Red storm rising/No Remorse/Executive Orders. Clancys the Daddy!
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Hef Red    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   9/1/2002 5:54:04 PM
Red Storm- unbeatable!
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Night Stalker    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   9/3/2002 9:55:03 AM
David Draker's Hammer's Slammers series is very good and the classic Forever War by Joe Haldeman is unbeatble.
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Tom Holsinger    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   9/3/2002 9:10:30 PM
Best science-fiction military = _The Children's Hour_ by Jerry Pournelle and Steve Stirling, set in Larry Niven's Man-Kzin Wars series. Best military science-fiction = the 2-novel _Go Tell The Spartans_, and _Prince Of Sparta_, by the same authors, both in the Falkenberg's Legion series, all of which is now out in a single hard-cover (shameless plug). Check out Major Kevin Benson's review of them in back issues of _Armor_. But _The Children's Hour_ is my favorite. The 2-author team of Eric Flint and David Weber is coming along nicely in Flint's _1632_ series, but the military stuff is only OK and the characters aren't so hot, as mentioned. The politics is first rate, though. It's great that someone is finally getting into Pournelle's league in political science-fiction.
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Dave Nelson    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   9/4/2002 12:56:23 PM
I think "Go Tell the Spartans" from he Falkenberg's Legion series is my favorite. The speech that Prince Lysander gives his troops during the final charge against the helot army, when he refuses a truce, is so perfectly on point as to how we should look at this war on terror today.
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Michael Yakus    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   9/5/2002 12:26:31 PM
The only problem with Starship Troopers is the really bad movie they made from it. The joke in most SF circles was it was a movie based on the back cover of a novel by Robert Heinlien.
Quote    Reply    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   9/5/2002 3:25:10 PM
What? nobody's mentionned Honor Harrington yet? The future tech Weber's devised for his universe lends itself to very nice tactical twists. Turtledove's done some pretty funny stuff too, pitting WWII tech+combat experience vs 2010's equipment+rookies in his Worldwar tetralogy His rebs with AK-47's in Guns of the South are a nice read too, although the political side is the most interesting part of the book. Look up Pohl's The Coming of the Quantum Cats for what the many-worlds interpretation can do to strategy. 1632 is obviously a spinnoff from Stirling's Nantucket trilogy about the said Island being catapulted back to the 13th century BC, and Flint/Stirling's Belisarius saga is another variation on the theme. In the WWIII genre, I really liked Ralph Peters' Red Army, the only such book I know of in which the Soviets win, and in a quite convincing way to boot.
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Corwyn    RE:Favorite Military Science Fiction Book   9/12/2002 1:45:01 AM
In the category of Infantry: Starship Troopers (how to do it right) and The Forever War (what the infantry looks like when done wrong). Revolution (and more): Heinlein's The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. More realistic than most even today, complete with infowar (using an AI, yet). Armor: Laumer's Bolo short stories. Sure they're Cav wet dreams, but they illustrate the military AIs we may live to see much more accurately than the usual software-with-unnecessary-emotions. Future Space: The Mote in God's Eye by Niven and Pournelle (with heavy ghost-editing by Heinlein). Also probably the finest first-contact novel ever published. Near-future Space: No one has done this category justice yet. Future Air: One word (well, acronym): UCAVs. Future Naval: UUVs (with perhaps Herbert's Under Pressure given honorable mention). Asymetrical Warfare, Anti-Guerrilla Ops and Small Unit Leadership: Dickson's Tactics of Mistake (robur is right). Technological Surprise, Strategy, Realistic Interface With Politics and more I can't list just now: Herbert's Dune. By the way, I hate Ender's Game, but that's another list.
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