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Subject: Is this really that bad of a problem???
doggtag    3/15/2006 7:20:36 PM Damn, I never knew it got so out of hand. Are aliens that desparate for beef and dairy products? (see the eyewitness accounts video on the right hand side.) then I guess all those people who so eagerly want to meet extra-terrestrials should dress up in cow suits? Might be a good solution for all those governments struggling to gain some highly advanced technology. ...And not surprisingly, is it any wonder then why there's so few cattle around Roswell, NM? (you'd almost think there'd be more UFO sightings in Montana. But then again, considering the fate of sheep there, aliens may not want to risk the tables being turned on them...) Or maybe this is where country singer Kenny Rogers got that idea for his song, "Planet Texas", about "these cowboys came from space"... Cosmic cattle rustlers? (Damn! We better keep our horses safe, too!)> (this site seems right up the alley of a former colorful "conspiracy" poster we once had, who I think may well have returned under yet another name...)
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Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:Is this really that bad of a problem???   3/16/2006 12:20:34 AM
I wonder what kind of advanced civilization deliberately seeks out these kinds of poeple on a regular basis? Is this the intergalactic norm? Are the rest of us the real nuts?
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eon    RE:Is this really that bad of a problem???   3/16/2006 9:55:30 AM
First mutilation, now they're (apparently) just making off with the whole cow. Maybe whoever it is is trying for a lower profile, having successfully proven that they can (A) scare us out of our wits and (B) mindf@%k us whenever they feel like it? (And no, I don't believe it's E.T. & friends, either- More likely somebody a lot closer to home.) Cheers. eon
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Ehran    RE:Is this really that bad of a problem???   3/16/2006 11:57:40 AM
while cattle are going missing it's a lot more likely they are departing in 18 wheelers than ufo's. rustling has made a real comeback in the last number of years.
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