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Subject: Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion
roolix    7/24/2003 6:17:07 PM
I ll be pleased to have ppls fill,confirm or contest titles in the list. War films : * THE GREAT ESCAPE = absolutely great must seen. * Lawrence of Arabia * Bridge too far * River Kwai * Kelly's heroes (Eastwood) * Where eagles dare Not seen but known to be good: * the Guns Of Navarone * Dirty dozen Air: * The Blue Max * The Battle of Britain * Memphis Belle * The Final Countdown (S.F.) "Character" films: Indiana Jones 'n the last crusade Hogan's heroes ( a serial indeed, but a fun serial ) Philo: *Dr StrangeLove *Paths of glory NEw : *Band of bro' *Save Private Ryan Other personnal : the good,the bad and the ugly ,ape planet, Space odyssey,the endless story,alien 'n all good sci films i can't rembember... Animation: Spirited Away (chihiro) The King and the Mockingbird ( totally unkwown real masterpiece took several years to mount better than any dysney).
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roolix    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   8/19/2003 11:35:49 AM
"thin red line " more than a cast film , is a philosophical film : the long comments can sometime be boring or lack obviousness. Although well shooted ,beautifull panoramics. I 've watched "behind enemies lines" ,it's a bit overdone ,but i enjoyed it .I won't see it another time , but that was entertaining (i have never seen an enternaining film about yougoslavia before). I 've might have miss something ,but is'nt it suposed to be a decent amount of flare on a F-18 to fool SAMS? Anyway very good scene (F-18 scene). I watched another movie in the move : 1941 John Belushi(Blues Brothers) is funny in it as a loony pilot (don' we say drink or drive? he pilots with a bottle in hands...) The flight scenes in city or colorado are astonishing.
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Heorot    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   8/22/2003 8:05:51 AM
Zulu! Great film, immaculate pacing, thrilling finale. How many 60's films are still watchable? This must be one of the best military films ever made. And fundamentally true!
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roolix    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   8/22/2003 10:34:12 AM
Heard a lot about Zulu, but only saw a parody scene in the Sin of life (Monty Pythons): you see the british leader shaving quietly while the zulus are throwing spears around, and replaces the mirror with a smaller one after a spear broke it into pieces ... And this go on in the same absurd style :) It will come back on TV one day or another... (but this ai'nt always easy , i just missed stupdly the Bridge of toko-ri some days ago for instance grr...) I was forgeting something in previous lists : have u ppl seen the WWII in color documents? Thrilling.
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Crusader    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   8/22/2003 11:51:53 AM
>>I was forgeting something in previous lists : have u ppl seen the WWII in color documents? Thrilling.<< Do you mean the Color of War on the History Channel? I love that series! Incredible shots!
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roolix    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   8/22/2003 3:57:06 PM
Swatiska flag ,dogfigths ,human faces ,uniforms .Color make all those touchable. Those kodakcolor /agfacolor films are really amazing. Here are some color pics :
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gunner    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   8/28/2003 6:49:29 PM
I've just been watching "WW1 In Color" on History - I guess they used computers to color it, but the effect is subtle and very effective: makes it all look really as if it were happening now. Eerie! Here's a few 60's films still worth a repeat view: The Eagle Has Landed (Michael Caine AND Donald Sutherland!); Hell is for Heroes (Steve Mcqueen again); A Bridge Too Far (erm, everybody) and of course The Longest Day (everybody else). Fantastic films, even today. While I've got the mic, does anyone know the name of that 90's US film set in Ardennes over Christmas '44. Kind of a rite of passage/buddy film? Something like 'Too Late the Hero', or is that another film?
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roolix    RE:Movie/films of all time multilateral discussion   8/29/2003 8:38:01 AM
You meant WWII? If that's it and your surely talking of the color of war...These were not colorized that's were 100% color films. Anyway any photos coming from WW1 are colorized. I've not seen much documents on WW1 , if anyone have a good one to lend welcome (some with films from the era ,not with ppl commenting photos)... Maybe are u talking of "When the trumpets fade" 1998 i've watched it recently ,the story is centred around the battle at Hurtgen Forest a battle that took place days before the Battle of the Bulge.Pretty good. Once again i've not seen those films ,but i think The Eagle Has Landed is really in my taste (adventure war film). The Longest Day a must seen. I remember of the scene of the blocked bridge in a bridge too far , the boats attacks trough the river or the paras hiding in houses... Think must watch it again.
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oldbutnotwise    RE:MOST STRIKING SCENES IN MOVIES=NEW TOPIC   9/4/2003 2:24:07 AM
the one in greece is escape to athena (total rubish outher than the bikes scene) the harley in great escape? the german bike he rode was a 1954 triumph speed twin (neat trick but you could bring something back in time why a leaky brit bike?) Films to watch 636 squadron angels one five the cruel sea ice cold in alex
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"escape to athena " yep, thx mentioning could'nt remember the name. "the german bike he rode was a 1954 triumph speed twin (neat trick but you could bring something back in time why a leaky brit bike?)" Hehe , i searched it's a "1961 Triumph TR6 Trophy" model , some brits bikes own the reputation of leakiest bikes in the world , but they run smooth and are elegant(besides you don't have to change the oil). What about Lawrence of Arabbia Brough superior SS100 ?This is a pretty one,handmade (they got the good model in the film). I like the design of those bikes ,essentially how the motor seems integrated in the shape.Those early war bikes bring a bit of the country spirit in which it was built. Other great bike chase : indiana jones and the last crusade escaping the castle. The sidecar seems an authentical BMW , but the singles following are said to be japanese modern trail bikes badly disguised. Thx for the new references , 633 squadron is worth a look for the Mosquitos , ice cold in alex seems to have an interesting story. Had a glance at Wintalkers recently good special effects, Planes bombing etc.
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Zulu, Lawrence of Arabia are great! Also 12 O'clock High. It wasn't a great movie, but when i was about 10 I loved "The Memphis Belle". For something a little different from what's been stated so far, two Australian films (hi from Down Under!) "Gallipoli" and "The Odd Angry Shot". Gallipoli follows two young Aussies to the doomed landings at the Dardanelles in WWI - amazingly emotive final scene to the strains of Pachelbel's Cannon. It's slightly harsh on the Brits, but then it was a fairly badly run offensive. The Odd Angry Shot is the Aussie take on Vietnam and is as much about the relationships between men thrown together outside their frame of reference, and the role of humour in staying sane as it is about war, but its very good. Although both might be a little hard to come by outside this country, I highly recommend both, especially Gallipoli!
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