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Subject: Has anyone read Michael Palmer's War That Never Was?
wrathofachilles    2/4/2006 11:45:08 PM
I recently finished this book, and found it convincing and compelling. It wasn't quite as enjoyable a read as Red Storm Rising, but it was still very good. My only complaints were that things worked out a bit too easily for the Western side, Palmer says nothing about social or long-term political effeccts of the war, and that the war is too short(only ten weeks, whereas in real life I think such a war would probably have lasted a year to two years). Has anyone else read it?
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wrathofachilles    RE:Has anyone read Michael Palmer's War That Never Was?   2/6/2006 6:44:40 PM
I think it's worth it for the simple reason that Palmer describes in detail theaters that are pretty much ignored in other stories of East-West confrontation, such as the Balkans, North Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Korea.
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