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Subject: ET's highway found
Herc the Merc    10/18/2005 4:59:09 PM
Active Galaxy Nuclei 50 million light years away is the lighted highway for most advanced type IV extraterrestrial advanced alien civilization In many countries defense scientists are eager to observe the Active Galaxy Nuclei in galaxy NGC 1068. Classified experiments and observations all focus on this. Some scientists believe that Active Galaxy Nuclei in galaxy NGC 1068 is the first proof of type IV extraterrestrial advanced alien civilization and their path of traverse to and from the Hyperspace. Active galaxies are among the most spectacular objects in the sky. Their compact nuclei (AGN = Active Galaxy Nuclei) are so luminous that they can outshine the entire galaxy; "quasars" constitute extreme cases of this phenomenon. These cosmic objects show many interesting observational characteristics over the whole electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from radio to X-ray emission. There is now much evidence that the ultimate power station of these activities originate in supermassive black holes with masses up to thousands of millions times the mass of our Sun, cf. e.g., ESO PR 04/01. The one in the Milky Way galaxy has only about 3 million solar masses, cf. ESO PR 17/02. The black hole is believed to be fed from a tightly wound accretion disc of gas and dust encircling it. Material that falls towards such black holes will be compressed and heated up to tremendous temperatures. This hot gas radiates an enormous amount of light, causing the active galaxy nucleus to shine so brightly. NGC 1068 (also known as Messier 77) is among the brightest and most nearby active galaxies. Located in the constellation Cetus (The Whale) at a distance of about 50 million light-years, it looks like a rather normal, barred spiral galaxy. The core of this galaxy, however, is very luminous, not only in optical, but also in ultraviolet and X-ray light. A black hole with a mass equivalent to about 100 million times the mass of our Sun is required to account for the nuclear activity in NGC 1068. Scientists in many country believe the most advanced extraterrestrials use this path to travel back and forth from the Hyperspace and other Universes
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eon    RE:ET's highway found   10/20/2005 9:37:00 AM
Or more precisely, >were< using it 50 million years ago. Since (according to Adrian Berry in "The Iron Sun") massive black holes of this magnitude are unlikely to be stable for long periods of time (in the cosmic sense, with "short" definable as <1 million years), odds are that it is no longer in existence. On the flip side, if Berry and others are correct in assuming that there is a similar singularity at the core of most galaxies, including our own M0 aka Milky Way, this might offer us the opportunity to acheive actual intergalactic travel from one extant "super-singularity" to another. Provided, of course, that we can (A) get to said super-S, and (B) survive transiting its event horizon once we get there. Cheers. eon
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