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Subject: Honor Harrington-Dave Weber
paladine    5/21/2005 7:17:34 PM
im surprised that this has not been mentioned due to its popularity-it has been liked to the works of Forrester
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paul1970    RE:Honor Harrington-Dave Weber   5/27/2005 6:17:59 AM
probably the best ship to ship combat books going. consistantly good and with good continuity. (canon). prefered it prior to massed LCSs and pods but appart from that the best I have read. new boardgame in developement.
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Ehran    RE:Honor Harrington-Dave Weber   5/27/2005 12:11:47 PM
if you like weber you should also take a look at john ringo and eric flint who have both co written books with him. i particularly enjoy flint's ring of fire books.
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eon    RE:Dave Weber & Steve White   5/31/2005 9:44:19 AM
And let's not forget Weber's collaborations with Steve White, notably "In Death Ground" and "The Shiva Option". But I agree with Ehran on the collaborations with John Ringo, notably "March to the Sea"- As a gun nut and techno-nerd, I enjoyed the bits about designing the equivalent of Dreyse needle-fire bolt-actions. And of course the final ambush. (A classic sucker-play. Gotta love it.)
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