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Subject: Battlestar Galactica poorly designed?
slowball    2/15/2005 3:37:59 AM
After watching the new Battlestar Galactica series I cruised by some fan websites. I saw a facetious comment that the landing bays of the Battlestar Galactica have giant signs on them saying 'attack here'. It went on to say that this major design defect should have been corrected from the original series design. I smiled at first having thought the same thing for years but upon further thought believe the design to be both sound and innovative. My take is that the design, with the landing bays being on struts away from the main hull, allows for the isolation of damage. Much like the engine pod design of the A-10. Landing bays/decks are always going to be a prime target no matter where you put them. They will always be more vulnerable than the rest of the hull since they need to allow access for fighters to land. By isolating the landing bays from the rest of the ship (and each other) you provide greater protection for the main hull and the other landing bay. Better to have fuel and munitions kept away from the main hull. This also allows guns on the main hull to cover the landing bays and flight path of fighters on final approach.
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scotty       12/11/2007 11:59:12 PM
another reason to have long landing bays is for the protection value. In a firefight with an enemy you won't want your fighters having to slowly maneuver into the landing bay. You want they to come in hard and fast then slow and land in a protective zone.Likewise with taking off. you would want a high rate of seperation value between the ship and fighter. they both may need to manuever when cycling fighters.
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Leech       1/8/2010 5:02:20 AM
long runaway "road" is for landing only; they have launch tubes for rapidly launching fighters
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