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Subject: StarGate - Possible or impossible?
fall out    10/7/2004 9:31:41 AM
Im sure most of you are well aware of the tv show Star Gate; i was just wondering what your thoughts are on the actual possibility of traveling through space like that?? Cheers, Fall Out :)
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BLUEMOON    RE:StarGate - Possible!... but not likely-mysteryposter   12/25/2004 2:44:55 AM
"At this point, one must have the resources to create exotic matter (the quantum material which may or may not exist, and is in turn the building blocks of real matter, bridgeing the gap between the micro and macroscopic universe), and "pump" it into the traverseable wormhole. When a sufficient quantity of exotic matter has been introduced into the traverseable wormhole, it will cease to exist at a microscopic, or quantum, level, and instead grow to exist in our own macroscopic universe." -Mystery Poster Every single thing you listed can be designed right here.We know of these things except nobody is working on them for some odd reason. Perhaps computer models brought to life, but even those pictures of Mars are computer generated anyhow. You and I will never go to Mars and why should we ? The theories you wrote have already long past such silly little little missions to Mars. Thanks to the computer we can get beyond the chalk board and go directly to the source. Using everything you wrote, let's say we build that wormhole ? What will come of it considering that the biggest Universe ( THE MIND ) is working on the smallest Universe ( THE MINDS THEORY ) ? Hmmm. All you have to do is build it, and you will time travel. Once built we can add or subtract colors or this and that......right ? A whole new world or thing might exist right next to this port..
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   RE:StarGate - Possible!... but not likely-BLUEMOON   12/25/2004 3:37:13 AM
I doubt very much we could acomplish a feat such as the assembly of exotic matter in sufficient quantities to allow for the phasing of a given piece of quantum real estate (containing our traverseable wormhole) into macroscopic space, given current abilities. But we haven't put alot of money into researching the practical side of quantum theory, whereas we have poured trillions of todays dollars into macroscopic space exploration. But your exactly right. If we were capable of assembleing a traverseable wormhole here on earth, traditional newtonian space travel methods would be largely obsolete. Time travel, on the other hand, is a wholly different subject. It is true that contemporary physics cannot discount it alotgether, but most physicists conclude that this is a failure of our understanding, rather than an admission that time travel is in fact possible. As evidence, they point to the logical paradoxes which must inevitably arise if time travel were a valid possibility. It may help to look at time less as a monodirectional flow, and more as a dimensional fabric, just as space is a dimensional fabric. This is the conclusion of quantum physics. Using this theory, it seems sound that just as one can manuever within the dimensional space of height, width, and depth, that one should also be free to manuever throughout the dimensional space of time. Thus, time travel being a seemingly valid possibility. However, we can discount it by saying matter occupying a given dimension is incapable of maniuplating higher dimensions. Consider a dimensional stack as a hierarchy. We exist as three dimensional beings within a four, or even five six or ten dimensional universe. However, because the stack is hierarchal, we ourselves are limited to manipulations of the first three dimensions (length, width, depth). The higher dimensions (time, and the unknowns above it) are free to manipulate us (thus, our perception of the "flow" of time), but we can never reach above our own station. Imagine a conscious two dimensional being, trapped in a perfect two dimensional box. Left to its own devices, this flat creature is incapable of ever using depth to escape that box, as it is without any depth itself. However, we as three dimensional beings could reach down and liberate that creature, lifting it out of the box and placing it down again outside the boxes bounds. That's the claim, at least. At this point you are beyond THEORY, and into the THEORETICAL, which are two highly different areas of scientific pursuit (theory is confirmed by subtstantial evidence and rigorous peer review, the theoretical is tantamount to raw hypothesis)..
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BLUEMOON    RE:StarGate - Possible!... but not likely-BLUEMOON   12/25/2004 11:04:10 PM
"Imagine a two dimensional being, trapped in a perfect two dimensional box. Left to its own devices, this flat creature is incapable of ever using depth to escape that box, as it is without any depth itself. However, we as three dimensional beings could reach down and liberate that creature, lifting it out of the box and placing it down again outside the boxes bounds." -MysteryPoster You said it was conscious so would'nt it eventually develope the idea that there are other dimentions just as we have in the 3D world ? Would'nt it learn and develope theories about the box,just as we have with the big bang and other dimentions ? They would have to travel by going up or down right ? If so, would'nt they built an eventual totempole ? Or straight line ? If so which direction would that go in anyhow ? I think I've kind of lost that 2D debate because it's too vague. My point is they we in the 3D world have certain rules that we tend to stick with because of simplicity and so on. Thanks to Sci-fi TV shows or Movies we always tend to think we need a massive launching sonic boom/whatever to get us through a time warp or whatever.I think that the computer is the collective developement of a port that in 10 years might actually be outlawed because of it's eventual power.There are rendering machines that are at work in one form or another as I type.I think we are in the best spot in the whole Universe ( I like the sunlight and the ocean ). Now maybe there is something out there, but I'm willing to bet it's nothing compared to what we got. Just a moonshot of earth blows my mind when you consider the vast nothingness of every other planet. Jupiter or Saturn might be beautiful and lets not forget the digital tune ups of the Milkyway ! But, who is getting the best of it all ? We are are ! We see them, they just exist.I bet we can travel 1000 years further on this crazy device in one week than any massive bone loss spacecraft. I'm cutting it short, but I could go on and on and on with the thinking stuff, so write up a storm and I'll read it MysteryPoster. Till then....
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BLUIE006       2/13/2007 6:17:58 AM

Stargate SG-1 is my favorite sci fi series. What do people here think of First Wave and Earth Final Conflict? Dark Angel?

In UK only saw one series of EFC. But SG-1 is into the 7th series here. Pity Dark Angel only lasted 2 series- so much going for it!!
I actually  liked  DArk Angel........but the  main thing going for it WAS JESSICA ALBA
god  she is a hotty.................

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andyf    good guys and bad guys   2/27/2007 5:52:49 PM
its usually a matter of point of view, im sure osama and pals think that they are the goodies
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GreyJackal       3/5/2007 9:17:59 PM">
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prvt nash       11/15/2008 5:46:04 PM
hello i am an avid watcher of stargate sg-1 and stargate atlantis and am probably the best person to explain the fictional science of the stargate. the stargate is basically a fax machine in a sense because once you have passed through the event horizon the stargate stores a person or an object in a buffer once the whole object has been dematierialized it then forwards you onto the stargate at the destination where you are then rematierialized and passed through the event  horizon at the same speed you are entered. from what i can glean from watching the stargate is a superconducter which can generate an artificial wormwhole unfgortunatly in the real world as wew know it wormwholes do not exist. but there are claims that black wholes may be an inter dimintional rift, rip or rtear if this is the case then it is a possibility to create an artificial wormhole. a couple oof years ago the british government were experimenting with wormhoole physics unfortunatly it did not work however plqan b came into action using magnets and i mean power full magnets. ther theory was that if you placed to magnets of exatly equal strength .85 of a milimeter totgether you could increase time or slow it down. however the experiment was stopped there. but it is my theory that if you built two separate structures of the militaries desighn you could in fqact create a time dimention field (this is where it sound nuts) but it has been proven that if you pilot a concord faster than mach. 2.2684 tim slows down relatavly. using this time dilation field you could increase the time it take to travel 20 meteres which is about 22 seconds you would cover it in 3 seconds or there abouts but there are several problems with this first of it wouldnt work in space as the technoligy is no where close to a stargate but relativly we are creating our version of a stargate but it would be more like an earthgate if you have any questions please post
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andyf    eh?   12/9/2008 10:04:46 AM
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SpiritWolf    We may be closer in some ways than you think.   7/21/2011 11:12:19 PM
Take a look at this.  We MAY be closer to hyperspace travel and highly advanced technology than you think:
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