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Subject: World Trade Center in Manhattan , NY    9/18/2002 9:55:27 PM
Those are real nice pictures from Brooklyn, NY how did florida manage those over $7.00 There were over 17 years prior to the planes flying into the Towers the year is not 1910. Not Pearl Harbor. Not Hiroshima the hijackers were in Florida for years and years thats how long. What they said here in Florida they have friends they got a lot of help here in Florida, for years they said "child molesters!!!!" Ill rape ya ill rape ya all correspondence from Florida was halted by Norman Wolfinger state attorneys office. They had friends, Gary Boyer, Warren Briggs, of Louisiana, Brent Zellers, convicts from California, Sgt. Goodyear sherriffs department, Cauvin Frett of Jamaica, Veseley, Lennie Carr, Indialantic, Cheryl Whalen of Titusville, FL. Teresa Parnell of Winter Park, FL> local cops. a lot of friends, mad they didnt get more than $7.00 from Kermit or Frank hes from Brooklyn, nY. what we all said in Florida. Over 17 years that lead up to the planes flying into the towers, Nina Velandra heres a friend, so much bad happened could have been avoided. No excuse for any of them now they hate them now its funny they got out of it. Growing up not what yall need to do here. Michelle Serrano, Doug Lemmon, in Titusville, FL. not what was stated terrorism went on in Florida for years Keith A. cant mention last name. The victim from Brooklyn, NY and his friend Kermit his family who were mugged. It escalated and raped badly daily. Threats of arrest if we spoke, threats of bombings for stating anything, threats of rape, institutionalization you name it. Its a sociopath. heres one William Dickenson all idiots. Later on its Afganastan yall too and anyone who helped them is being arrested. Seventeen years to stop it from happening. The county of Brevard seriously involved in Twin Towers big time. Grow up !!! Those people from AFG. live here attend FIT they have for years ass been kicked a lot a whole lot. Decreped and poor I just cant believe a few werent who lived here in Florida.
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Matt Smith    RE:World Trade Center in Manhattan , NY    9/18/2002 10:56:37 PM
Well, I guess Santa Claus really does exist after all! And there are 32905 of them and counting! How are you Sarah, did you lose your old account?
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