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Subject: Maghreb will win
A maghreb     8/11/2002 7:02:27 PM
Maghreb will win against spain with the eland becuaese the berbers wil take it over with fighting if it has to!! We Will Win
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DrCruel    Reconquesta   6/28/2003 9:02:48 AM
Let's not do this. We'd rather not spend another 700 years exterminating every last Muslim in North Africa, yes? Why don't you calm down Morocista, eh?
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ChrisWI    question for A maghreb   6/28/2003 9:18:19 AM
1) Who are you fighting? and 2) What kind of military do you have?
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Patton       11/29/2010 12:34:58 PM

1) Who are you fighting?
2) What kind of military do you have?

The maghreb is located on the west, southwest Algerian border with Morroco, Western Sahara, and Mauratania.  The insurgents are an AQ affiliate.  The Algerian People's National Army (ANP) has suffered significant loss,  and significant damage has been inflicted on civilian property.  Algeria has been fighting these insurgents since  2002.  The country is divided into six (6) MR's (military regions).  The ANP is equipped mostly with Soviet-era/Russian weapons and equipment such as the T-62 and the BTR-60 series APC,  although it has material from several other countries.  A 70,000- man National Gendarmarie  under Presidential control serves as a paramilitary force supplementing the ANP and has jurisdiction in the rural areas.  The Surete Nationale is a 30,000-man metropolitan police controlled by the Ministry of the Interior, which also controls the intelligence and security services.  ANP military doctrine is Soviet-era based, but not precise.  Insurgent activity in Algeria is frequent with insurgents using the common borders Algeria shares with Mali, Niger, Libya, Tunisia, as sanctuary from Algerian authorities.  The U.S. will likely provide Counter-Terror assistance in the near future under the regional direction of AFRICOM.  It wont be necessary to kill every Muslim in The Maghreb, and the insurgents WILL NOT win.  Granted, they are intelligent, a thinking and learning advesary, and motivated.  However, They can't win because they have no political cohesion.  What they do have is a global armed resistence lacking political cohesion.  CAN'T WIN.
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