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Subject: No real subject
tommy atkins     4/17/2002 4:46:02 PM
Just wanted to get Israel off the top of the list!
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evlstu    RE:No real subject   4/18/2002 12:00:50 PM
So did I.
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Ben    Freedom for the magreb!   4/18/2002 12:45:38 PM
End illegal arab occupation! Homeland for the berbers! Support their legitimate struggle!
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tommy atkins    RE:Freedom for the magreb!   4/20/2002 2:06:15 AM
Hey! Show me a map and ask me where the magreb is. ill point out Iceland
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Ben    RE:Freedom for the magreb!   4/22/2002 10:46:33 AM
Tommy, The magreb is the eastern area of north Africa. Since the arab attacks in the 7th century the native Berber population has lived under foreign Arab domination. Ok, so there never was an independent Berberia before that either, but that's beside the point! the Arab occupational armies oppress the rights of the native berbers! Free the Berbers! Free tibet! Free east timor! Free eggroll with lunch special!
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tommy atkins    RE:Freedom for the magreb!   4/24/2002 1:09:33 AM
1300 years of occupation! You would have thought they would have learned to live together by now! See you in the year 3,302AD to check if the Palastinians/Isralis are the best of freinds!
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pfd    RE:Freedom for the magreb!   4/25/2002 11:32:44 AM
Let's push this baby to the wall!
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Thomas    RE:Freedom for the magreb!   6/11/2003 5:55:54 AM
Free Scania occupied by Sweden
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American Kafir    RE:Freedom for the magreb!   6/11/2003 7:31:38 AM
Free Atlantis (occupied by sea water)
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tk73    No blood for carpets!!!   6/11/2003 9:11:24 AM
sorry :)
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giblets    RE:No blood for carpets!!!   6/11/2003 9:59:34 AM
Ironic how Spain is making such a fuss over a small rock that is right on someone else's border..
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