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Subject: Gunships And Ancient 40mm Greek Treasure
SYSOP    1/31/2013 5:18:43 AM
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smitty237    A Different Kind of Heroism   1/31/2013 9:13:51 PM
There are all kinds of heroes serving in our nation’s military, but some of them wear thick glasses and carry slide rules (figuratively, of course). A kid that went to my old church was serving as a lowly enlisted man in the Air Force, but while working on a project he spotted a critical error that had been missed by guys holding PhDs and Master’s degrees. This catch prevented a disaster on one of the latter Space Shuttle missions and probably saved the lives of the crew. The Air Force officer that made the discovery of the surplus guns and saved the taxpayers millions may not be a hero on the same level of a Medal of Honor recipient or ace fighter pilot, but they certainly deserve recognitions when it’s due. 
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