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Subject: Norwegian Rocket Makers Save AMRAAM
SYSOP    12/7/2012 5:33:44 AM
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Robert Walther    rgwalther   12/7/2012 8:30:00 AM
I love this stuff! Killer missile ruined due to non-compliance with environmental regulations! I thought that this was an urban legend. I read years ago that our nuclear tipped ICBMs had to be fueled with environmentally sound propellant, but I thought that was an urban legend. Maybe not? MAD destruction delivery devices have to be 'GREEN'. Hysterically funny! With a Strangelovian theme!!!!
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WarNerd       12/7/2012 10:13:40 AM
Do the Nammo engines comply with the environmental regulations?
If not, then the military will have to replace them all after losing in court.
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Reactive       12/7/2012 12:05:46 PM
Despite the apparent absurdity in Env regs undermining a key defensive capability the onus is still on the manufacturer to identify problems prior to delivery through rigorous testing and QC. 
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Colinj       12/7/2012 12:36:42 PM
Something I noticed is that the places where these problems are occuring seem to be single-source suppliers.  Maybe dual-sourcing of critical components might be a good idea.
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vahitkanig        12/7/2012 12:58:37 PM
  Certain  part of defence  industry  must be national . Goverment  has  to  insist  work with  national  companies.
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Reactive       12/7/2012 3:06:57 PM
Well in fairness, what appears to have happened is that a fault was identified, the supplier was given an opportunity to fix the problem, it has been unable to and as a result payments have been held back and a new supplier. There's plenty of examples of suppliers/contractors failing to deliver with little or no consequences.
In peacetime I guess those sorts of things can be resolved in somewhat of a leisurely manner, one assumes that in wartime (during a high-intensity conflict) there would be rather more urgency in terms of replenishing inventories. 
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Reactive       12/7/2012 3:07:54 PM
a new supplier 
should read
a new supplier investigated. 
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ka5s       12/8/2012 6:51:37 AM
It's a disease; if a lowest bidder can't ship, won't ship, or stops making a part, production lines stop.  I have been arguing for years that my then-employers (whoever they were) should get enough of every part from next-lowest bidders to keep production lines alive.
But in some cases, acquisitions or unwise reliance on the favored source have taken dual-sourcing out of the picture, and subsequent production decisions have made some "only-sourced" HIREL and MIL-SPEC qualified parts unavailable.
...the acquisition significantly lessened competition in the development, manufacture and sale of certain high reliability small signal transistors and ultrafast recovery rectifier diodes used in aerospace and military applications ... prices for these products did or would have increased, delivery times would have lengthened, and terms of service would have become less favorable....

Concurrent with the filing of the CIS on August 20, 2009, the United States and Microsemi filed a Stipulation Regarding Proposed Final Judgment and a proposed Final Judgment. These filings were designed to restore competition through a divestiture of the acquired assets. The proposed Final Judgment requires Microsemi to divest the Semicoa assets, thus restoring the competition that was lost as a result of the acquisition.(1)
Having to screen commercial-off-the-shelf parts to get MIL-SPEC reliability slows delivery, raises the cost of finished products, and arguably, lessens their reliability.    And how does an electronics manufacturer screen for radiation hardening, buy a cyclotron?
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dogberry       12/8/2012 9:15:39 PM
Did the Norwegian company have to comply with EPA standards in its factory?
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greyghost       12/9/2012 9:36:20 AM
The Space shuttle was lost due to EPA changes that caused a process used to bond the insulation tiles to not bond as effectively as needed. European Tile makers can still use lead in the glaze in their manufacture of ceramic tile.
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