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Subject: The Chinese BrahMos
SYSOP    11/23/2012 7:47:53 AM
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bikebrains       11/23/2012 12:01:48 PM
"China found its first export customer (Pakistan) for its new CM-400AKG supersonic cruise missile. This “sale” may be a ploy by the Chinese manufacturer to determine if it will be worth the huge expense to actually make this missile work. "  

Ploy or not, every consumer in the United States can help prevent Pakistan from being able to afford the missile by boycotting all goods made in Pakistan. The boycott would deprive Pakistan of nearly four billion dollars per year. Simply do not buy any product with "Made in Pakistan" on the label. Further details about Pakistani trade with the United States  are available from the Office of the United States Trade Representative. USTR is part of the Executive Office of the President." target="_blank">link

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TonoFonseca    Supersonic cruise missiles...   11/23/2012 2:26:11 PM
Isn't Vietnam considering buying the BrahMos, to protect themselves from China?  
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