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Subject: Secrets Within Secrets
SYSOP    12/11/2012 5:50:04 AM
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TonoFonseca    Kurdish independence   12/11/2012 2:05:33 PM
I don't support terrorism, but I think we need to support Kurdish independence movements.  They have been the victims of genocides for a long time, and it goes mostly untalked-about.
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Johnny     Kurdish independence    12/11/2012 10:57:08 PM
The Kurds are spread over parts of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. (one can blame the Allies after the fall of  Ottoman empire for that mess).
Do you really think these countries will give up part of their territory so that the Kurds can have a homeland?
I'm all for greater Kurdish autonomy (a bit like in current Iraq) but full independence is, IMO, wishful thinking. Supporting Kurdish independence movements IS supporting terrorism.  Why do you think various European police forces keep cracking down on outfits like the PKK?
TTBOMK the only documented genocide of  Kurds was Saddam Hussein's Al-Anfal campaign in 1986-1989, which also targeted other non Kurdish minorities. That campaign killed between 1,100,00-2,150,000 people.
At that time, as an ally of Iraq, during the Iraq-Iran war, the US government helped Iraq avoid any serious censure for the campaign (see Wikipedia).
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