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Subject: Death By Friends
SYSOP    8/5/2020 5:40:13 AM
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trenchsol       8/5/2020 10:15:13 AM
There is something perhaps unexpected, going on in Syria. Russia seems to have created its own militia manned by Syrian locals. The force consists mainly of former anti regime fighters, and the commander is also a former rebel, one Ahmed al-Awda. The force is called "Fifth Corps". There used to be a rebel group with named "Fifth Corps", but it was disbanded or something. The things are getting a bit confusing from here on out. The unit seems to be a part of Syrian Army. It is a volunteer force trained and equipped by Russia. Operates and controls territory in southern Syria. However, the force seems to be taking order from Russia rather than Syrian government. Furthermore the force doesn't seem to be very friendly towards the rest of Syrian Army and Iranian Militias. There has even been reports of conflicts between the force and other Syrian units. Militia seems to be controlling parts of Southern Syria and doesn't allow anyone else to challenge it. Whatever it might be going on down there, it seems that Russia has its own ground force in Syria, rather than being dependent on Regime or Iranian militias.
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