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Subject: What Is Not Allowed
SYSOP    1/31/2013 5:19:57 AM
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trenchsol       1/31/2013 8:06:22 AM
The sad truth is that Israelis are few and Arabs are many, and they got money.
So called, "progressive" political groups are simply taking side of the stronger one, rationalizing that they are doing it for the "just cause". If Israel was obliterated, they would feel they have one problem less to deal with. They are forgetting that they are next on the list, of course, and that Israel is a first line of defense.
Perhaps the best defensive strategy for Israel might be to boost research in the field of cheap energy source. It would send all those Arabs back in the tents to deal with their camels.
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Skylark    Palestine, the nation that never was...   2/1/2013 12:43:15 AM
The irony is Arab nations hate the so-called Palestinians (AKA, Trans-Jordanians) only slightly less than they hate Israelis who, let's face it, are much better neighbors.  Palestinians tried to overthrow the government of Jordan after the six-day war.  Palestinians succeeded in taking Lebanon, turning that nation from the riviera on the Med to a Syrian puppet state and a total crap-hole.  And the Palestinians were positively brutal in their treatment of the Kuwaitis during the Iraqi occupation just prior to the first Gulf War.  Palestinians are also proud the paid-for cheerleaders of Iran, and that dictatorship's interests in the region, which, if you were an Arab, means that they support the enemies of your blood; the Persians.  And all this fuss over a people who never existed, never had a government, never had a prime minister, a president, a king or even a mayor that could make a decision without having to first consult with his masters in Egypt, Jordan or Syria.  It is also interesting that no one in the U.N. ever gives credit to Israel who already gave land up for peace to the Palestinians who, once they had control, managed to run the only territory they hold (Gaza) into the ground as a bankrupt, failed, quasi-fundimentalist police state and human-shield plantation.  Claiming that Palestinians have a national identity just because they lived on a lawless piece of worthless desert, called Palestine by the British, is like calling the Bedouins wandering the Sinai desert, Sinaians and claiming that worthless scrap of desert is a legitimate country.  The only real government in Israel is Israeli, and the only truly independent government that ever existed there, prior to Israel, was also Israeli.  Palestine is just a closet Nazi's pipe dream.
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trenchsol       2/1/2013 10:17:04 AM
I remember the last public statement by late Abu Musab al Zarqawi, famous Iraqi terrorist of Jordanian origin. It was about  the people and groups he hated. A long list. 'Crusaders' and Jews were there, but they were mentioned just briefly.
Most of the content was about other Muslims, particularly other Arabs. Almost every nation, group and movement was described with specific "attributes" assigned. I had to agree with him about certain points.
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