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Subject: There Will Be No Peace.
SYSOP    1/3/2013 5:35:12 AM
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dogberry       1/3/2013 9:32:45 AM
Mexican border fence please.
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Skylark       1/3/2013 1:08:58 PM
Israel should create an add-on to iron-dome where a mortar round or precision guided missile is fired at the exact spot of a missile launch automatically, whether someone is there or not.  Once activated, drop leaflets all over Gaza outlining that the system is in place and the certainty of death or maiming if Gazanis are anywhere near a hot launch site.  This won't stop, and will likely encourage the terrorists to fire off missiles from schools and hospitals, but then they were doing that all along anyway, to which I say, 'so what'?  With a system like that in place, the very sight of a group of terrorists setting up a portable launcher will set off a panic in the population which will further erode the popularity of those who think that lobbing missiles randomly into populated areas for the purpose of killing civilians in Israel can be done without consequences.  Just my 'two-cents'.
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Shirrush    Meh!   1/3/2013 2:31:38 PM
Automated return fire will achieve exactly what the terrorists are looking for, mass civilian casualties. World opinion will then go apes**t at Israel, which will then have to stop military action and accept yet another humiliating cease-fire. Beside the fact that it ensures an endless perpetuation of the conflict through international diplomatic meddling, killing uninvolved Ghazaouis certainly goes against the will of a large plurality of Israelis, particularly those who, like me, are old enough to remember the pre-Intifadas "occupation" days. These were the days when Israelis and Gaza Arabs were interacting normally, working together for their daily pita bread, and oftentimes striking lasting friendships. The presently-unattainable strategic goal should therefore be a return to this kind of relationship, but with Gaza as an independent, sovereign statelet ruled by its residents (or the Egyptian government), rather than the terrorist gangland it is now or the militarily administered occupied territory it was then.
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Skylark       1/3/2013 7:55:40 PM
I agree with a lot of your analysis, Shirrush, but you miss the key point.  Israel has in the past, and is currently showing an almost pathological restraint in treating the average Gazani as seperate from the Terrorists who govern them, (for fun and profit) and world opinion is already going apes**t as the "war" goes on and on.  If the USA was forced to treat ordinary Germans differently from Nazis in WWII, do you think the war would still be going on today?  I do, and that's the point.  The "Cold-War" between the USA and the Soviet Union went on for decades, and was considered by the "Experts" to be un-ending and unwinnable.  Then Ronald Reagan came along in 1980, and won it in less than a decade without firing a shot or 'ending the world'; by boldly moving outside the world's artificially established ground-rules, taking the conflict seriously and giving a big, hearty F-U to the hand-wringing wusses who can't take a dump without checking the latest opinion polls.  The Israeli/arab conflict is really not so very different from the USA/USSR cold war, and until an Israeli Ronald Reagan comes along and treats it seriously, it will continue until the side that is on defense (Israel) falls.  A launch site is a legitimate military target.   Where the launch site is located is determined by Hamas, and the local population should be aware of the consequences of allowing that to happen next to their mosque, their school, their hospital, their home and their child.  And if Hamas sets up a missile on the roof of a school and runs away before the return round hits, so what?  Israel is already getting plenty of blame, and the Gazanis have little to fear from a humane opponent.  It's time for Israel to go 'old-testiment' on the bad-guys for a change.  That is the only way to lasting peace... total victory.
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ker       1/4/2013 1:08:19 PM
Cold War is NOT over. The eastern shore of the med was one of many theators of war in the cold war. Many conflicts in the world are simple continuations of cold war battles. When WWII came to an end it was due to the intentional deprograming of the former fashists. Marshal plan was inportant and it was implemented in conjuntion with deNAZIfication. We let Gorbacave say that no one lost the cold war it was just over. At worcest we had a pause so the enemy could move up ammo. More realisticly we gave the enemy a free pass so they could continue their organized crime funtions and in time get back into politics. But in many places the "former" communists were allowed to remain in power under a new flag. The PLO were defacto members of the soviet block. Delegitamizing one side is critical to producing peace. Maybe I should keep beatting this dead hource until people realize its playing possem.
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Skylark    Not your father's USSR   1/4/2013 4:37:32 PM
Review your history.  The Cold War ended in the early 90s with the complete collapse of the Soviet Union.  For much of the 90s, the US was actually involved in propping up their economy and openly meddling in their elections.  (Remember Boris Yeltzin?)  I call that a win for the West, wouldn't you?  There is a new Russia, under Putin, rising from the ashes, but it is a very different sort than what existed during the Breshnev USSR days and operating on a much smaller scale.  The old USSR was dedicated to turning the entire world to Communism by actively funding revolutions and destabilizing pro-western democracies from within.  The new regime is more modest, much less idealistic and more focused on retaking old territories, recapturing lost glories, and bullying their neighbors with bellicose threats rather than undermining them internally through revolution.  This does not mean that the ongoing 'king-of-the-hill' game of world politics is happening, it's just that Russia was forced to push the re-set button after a major system-crash 20-odd years ago, and a lot of old data was lost.  A better way to look at this is to think of it like Germany in the 20th century.  WWI and WWII involved Germany, but other than the name "Germany", they had little or nothing in common with each other.  You should probably look at Russia/USSR in the same light.  I won't say that a cold war between the USA and Russia isn't happening, but Russia today is nothing like the USSR of yesterday.  Think of what's up these days as Cold War 2.
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