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Subject: Cooperate Or Die
SYSOP    11/21/2012 5:36:05 AM
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CJH       11/22/2012 11:59:33 AM
Hamas has clearly been violating the rules of war by hiding behing human shields. Why isn't the ICC indicting their leadrship for war crimes?
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Carney       11/23/2012 10:49:10 AM
Why should Israel agree to any cease-fires at all?  Just seal off Gaza from all sides, move in, and systematically kill every single member of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the rest of the groups that are at war with Israel.  After that, either expel the entire rest of the Gazans into Egypt (launching failed wars of aggression should have consequences - see what happened to the Germans of the Sudetenland or East Prussia), or institute a near-totalitarian occupation regime there, where the only mosques, schools, and media are Israeli approved, breaking the fever grip of the radicalizing and terror-producing system, especially among the young.  Have universal biometric IDs, being mandatory for all activitiy and movement, and ruthlessly kill any terrorists or radicals that surface, as well as all inciters.  Perhaps even mandata lasting contraception among the families of known radicals and enemies.  20 years comes and goes quickly - soon you'll have a new generation with a new outlook.  Israel could have doen this 20 years ago and would be much better off today.
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