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Subject: Syria Pick A Fight To Change The Subject?
CJH    11/14/2012 5:34:19 PM
A question. How would it play out if Syria (and others, perhaps Egypt) attacked Israel as a last ditch attempt to coopt or undercut its insurgency?
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Reactive       11/14/2012 6:54:04 PM
Interesting thought, I would think that it would simply give the pretext necessary for interested states to support the rebels as it wished, Israel would respond in a way that would severely degrade Syria's military but it's unlikely that it would go much further than neutralising the threat posed in a measured response (likely mindful of the situation on the ground). I doubt the political implications of Israel's involvement now would improve Assad's chances of surviving, especially given that France, among others, looks set to start providing more in the way of meaningful assistance to the "rebels". 
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