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Subject: Israeli Naval Expansion
Ezekiel    11/7/2011 4:32:51 AM
There has been talk over the past 2 years of greater naval procurement due to the new energy fields in the Med, Turkish aggression, Egyptian question mark, and the Iranian threat. Israel has increased UCAV, Naval UAV's, purchase of 6th dolphin. Israel is looking for a frigate eyeing a local shipbuilding project, or purchasing the MEKO CSL...does anyone know what's going on with this procurement project? Israel needs these boats pronto and yet we have heard nothing of this acquisition in the past 6 months. Also, why has Israel not looked at the new Singapore frigates or doing a joint-project with s.korean ship builders instead of relying on German frigates? Also why does Israel not look into amphibious force projection given turkey and Iranian threats? Israel needs these boats pronto and yet we have heard nothing of this acquisition in the past 6 months.
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Shirrush       12/2/2011 6:49:03 PM
It is a fact that the Navy has not commissioned any surface combattant for over a decade, if you exclude the handful of small Shaldag... and Super-Dvora III... patrol boats that have joined the force recently. The offshore gas fields need to be defended with at least a couple of air-defense frigates, if not destroyers. Submarines are offensive systems, which can't do jack if the enemy decides to unleash his newly-acquired cruise missiles on the platforms. The reason why the Putin oil n'gas mafia has released the Yakhont to the Syrians precisely synchs with the way mafias usually deal with competitors. OTOH, the Israeli and Indian defense firms are completing the development of a new naval SAM, the Baraq 8. This weapon will be quite capable to stop a Yakhont salvo or two, as it appears to have capabilities in between the ESSM and the SM-2. India is building a new, modern destroyer around it and its IAI-Elta EL/M-2248 MF-STAR multimission radar, the Kolkata class.... I cannot understand, for the life of me, why an I-MOD order for a couple of such hulls to the Mazagon Dock is not even considered or talked about.  
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Celtic       1/6/2012 6:48:24 PM
The Jerusalem Post, recently reported that plans to procure two new have been scraped.  It appears that two new 4.5s will be built instead.  The Meko,s would of been a major upgrade over current platforms.  However, I suspect that the two 4.5s will be a stop gap and further ships will be purchased in the next several years.  Here is the logic, once the gas fields come on line fully there is going to be a major revenue boost associated with sells to Europe.  The navy will likely see some benefit from this.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Navy fielding two Meko,s in addition to the two 4.5s by the end of the decade.  This would place the Surface Fleet Inventory at Ten 4.5 Three 5.0 and Two Meko,s with Six Dolphins, excluding patrol boats of course.  I feel that this combination would be sufficient, to meet the Israeli needs as long as these levels were maintained.  Iran isn't a naval threat and the newer Type 214 being fielded in the next three years can handle Iran.  Turkey, Egypt, and Syria are a threat however, the Egyptian and Syrian navies are far from impressive from a technical standpoint.  Turkey has a navy twice the size of Israel however, once again theres a technical gap between the Turkish Frigates and the Missile Ships, this has been documented by US Military Commanders when Turkey was threating Israel with naval escorts to Gaza.  A Sar'r 5.0 has a weapon payload equivalent to most Destroyers and the 4.5s equivalent to most Frigates.  
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Skylark       1/6/2012 11:02:00 PM
Unless Israel intends to attack Turkey, there is little point in acquiring larger warships.  The Saar 5 and 4.5 should be able to deal with underwater, surface and air threats well enough, particularly if they are kept within Israel's air umbrella.  As powerful as the Turkish navy may be on paper, I would not put money on them winning in Israel's back yard.
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