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Subject: Reasons that Israel can't allow the flotilla of thugs through
YelliChink    6/1/2010 1:58:25 PM
If embargo is breeched, then only God knows what will be sent into Gaza. The re-arm of POG in southern Lebanon is bad enough. The re-arm of Hamas after OCL would be even worse. Given how Iranian regime is operating at the moment, they will send in BM21 and BM13 rockets. Even "construction material" such as steel pipes and steel plates, will be abused into rockets. There is always chances that they will also deliver chemical or biological warhead to be used against Israel and citizens of Israel. The resources needed to clear and neutralize threats from Gaza is definitely causing diversion from the north, which will result in prolonged exposure of attacks and civilian casualty. The only country that matters in this incident is Turkey. We will see how Erdogan plays out in the future. The intellectuals (which translate to liberals and leftists in the US and EU respectively) in Turkey hate him. The military don't like him. As a populist who can't deliver (sound familiar?), I doubt his popularity among his voter base can sustain. However, he does have unlimited campaign fund from Riyard and Tehran. We'll see.
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