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Subject: The American debt to Israel.
Hamilcar    4/20/2010 11:04:52 PM
Want to know why Americans owe this debt? Stay tuned.
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Hamilcar    The Revolution   4/20/2010 11:09:47 PM

How the Jews Saved the American Revolution

By Jerry Klinger

"They (the Jews of St. Eustatius, Caribbean Antilles) cannot too soon be taken care of - they are notorious in the cause of America and France."
Admiral Sir George Rodney commander of the British Fleet, February, 1781.

The Colonial American Jewish experience 1654 - 1770 was characterized by sharp departures from historic European anti-Semitic patterns of isolation, social, economic, physical, legislative and religious discrimination. The American Colonial world was growing, changing and evolving so rapidly it did not have time to focus on historical Jewish scapegoat-ism. The demands of the frontier and the expanding new American economic power needed the best of all of its people.

Jews in Colonial America struggled and won rights that were inconceivable and nonexistent in Europe. Jews struggled for and won the rights to equal economic opportunity, to own land, to go to higher secular education, to serve in the armed militias, to vote and in some colonies to become members of the legislative bodies. In some colonies the struggle was easy, in others it was very hard.

The American experience was not an automatic entitlement to toleration and sufferance, rather the pre-revolutionary experience was one that permitted the old discriminations to be challenged and eventually to be put aside. Hatred of the Jew and imported anti-Semitism did exist but it could not flourish in the melting pot of common need and survival.

Patrick Henry, the revolutionary war governor of Virginia, rose in assembly and made his famous "Give me Liberty or Give me Death," speech. He did so with the belief in liberty for all except for Jews, Blacks and Indians.

Jews traced their earliest participation in Virginia's life from the 16th century with Sir Walter Raleigh through Jamestown and the revolution. The first permanent synagogue community Kehilah ha Kadosh Beth Shalome, was founded in 1789 in Richmond, Va.. Beth Shalome built its first permanent building in 1820 in Richmond. The president of the congregation at the time of dedication was Jacob Mordecai, born in 1762 in Philadelphia. His mother Elizabeth (Esther) Whitlock had been a Christian convert to Judaism.

Who could do the best became more important than who was who's parentage in Colonial America. It was not until many years later that who were your parents and where did they come from became more important than what can you do to better yourself, your community and your country.

In 1753, the British Parliament, to legitimize and encourage economic development both in the colonies and in the mother country passed a Jewish Naturalization Bill. The purpose simply enough was to grant limited rights, such as land ownership, to foreign born Jews who wished to become British subjects. The bill had the opposite effect in England stirring intense violent anti-Semitic feeling and prejudices. The bill was repealed by Parliament in 1760. In Colonial America the legislation was generally ignored or circumspectly treated.

For almost a hundred years, if one colony refused to grant citizenship to a Jew the expedient thing was to go to another colony that would grant it or more simply ignore the issues of Naturalization entirely as most immigrants did. For the most part the tiny Jewish community was not affected by the machinations of the mother country's bigotry. Jews were generally free to develop economically, participate in colonial life and practice their faith.

Political equality was not a universal right but an evolving right in colonial America. Yet it left a lasting impression on Jews before the Revolution that the old world, if given the opportunity, would try to transfer it's bigotry to the new world. The repeal of the Naturalization act placed an awareness in the minds of much of colonial Jewry that America was different from Europe. It was the commonality of the challenge of America that was to shape American views and identity.

The colonies were different from each other, the North from the South, or the West. The British struggled to impose a central government on a frontier world that was rapidly developing far away from London. For the Jew, the Colonial experience was different in that there was no fully established hom

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Hamilcar    Current events.   4/21/2010 7:52:21 PM
Posted 3/24/2003 11:11 AM
The Bush administration has made clear it wants Israel to stay out of an Iraq war so as not to provoke Arab and Muslim countries assisting the United States. But that won't stop Israel's weaponry and arms technology from being used against Iraqis. After decades of U.S. military aid and defense cooperation, the U.S. military is permeated by technology developed in Israel — from the Army's Hunter drones to the targeting systems on the U.S. Marines' Harrier jets to the fuel tanks on its F-15 fighters.
        The Marines' Harrier jets utilize targeting systems developed by Israeli company Rafael.     

"We'll be shooting down some (French) Mirage 3s, I think, if the Iraqis ever come up. We may shoot them with an Israeli missile, from a U.S. warplane," said Joel Johnson, spokesman for the Aerospace Industries Association, a Washington-based industry lobby.

It would be hard to find a modern military that manages without technology developed by the Jewish state's feisty industry. Israel emerged last year as the world's No. 3 arms and military services exporter — ahead of even Russia's massive arms industry, according to Jane's Defense Weekly.

That Israel's weaponry has found a place inside the mighty U.S. military points to the country's engineering prowess — and its status as a favorite ally, said Yiftah Shapir of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University.

The U.S.-Israeli friendship "helps to a certain extent, but when it comes to commercial competition, these sentiments are put aside," Shapir said. "These are highly advanced and the price is highly competitive."

Iraqi forces might be on the receiving end of Israeli technology in several scenarios.

A B-52 bomber could fire Popeye air-to-surface missiles — dubbed AGM-142 by the U.S. Air Force — at ground targets. The precision-guided Popeyes were designed by Rafael, a company partially owned by the government of Israel.

Israeli-designed Hunter unmanned aerial vehicles are in the service of the U.S. Army, and its cousin, the Pioneer, is being used by the U.S. Marines to scout Iraqi defenses. Both originated in the design labs of Israel Aircraft Industries, the country's largest private company.

The Hunter dropped anti-tank munitions in recent U.S. tests, and could be used alongside the Air Force's armed Predator missile-firing drone in a ground attack role.

Some of the Army's Bradley fighting vehicles are guided by on-board computers supplied by a subsidiary of Israel's Elbit Systems, Shapir said. U.S. troops riding in the Bradleys might also be protected by armor from Rafael, said Lova Drori, Rafael's director of international marketing.

Rafael is also the designer of the Litening Targeting Pods used to fire precision weapons from the Marines' AV-8B Harrier jet, as well as F-15s and F-16s flown by the Air Force Reserves and Army National Guard, Drori said.

Israel also makes or designs multiple rocket launchers, mortars, and laser target designators for the Army's Comanche helicopter and other components, Shapir said.

Much of the equipment is manufactured in the United States by subsidiaries of Israeli companies, or through joint ventures with U.S. weapons manufacturers.

According to Jane's, Israel made more than $3.5 billion in arms sales last year, roughly equal to Russia's massive arms export industry. Only the United States and Britain sold more, Jane's reported.

Other sources don't factor in Israel's exports of services — such as upgrades to tanks and fighter aircraft — and rank Israel as a smaller exporter. London's International Institute for Strategic Studies called Israel the world's No. 5 arms exporter last year.

Besides the United States, Israel's top customers include Turkey, India, Brazil, Canada and Germany. China used to be a major client, but Israel backed off after protests from the United States, Shapir and others said.
Copyright 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Nothing has changed this much.
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Hamilcar    The American Civil War.   4/22/2010 2:29:18 AM

No one would disagree that Jewish Americans have made immeasurable contributions to the life and welfare of the United States of America. Yet while their contribution and participation in education and the media is well known, many people are unfamiliar with the varied experiences and roles of Jews during the American Civil War. This was a formative period for American Jewry, and it evidences the highs and the lows that have been a part of Jewish life.

The presence of Jews in the northern United States is a fact with universally recognized, but they also been an active part of the American South. Jews first came to the southern states in the late 17th century, and some of the earliest Jewish communities in America were founded in Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. It is no surprise, then, that Jews played a significant part in the American Civil War on both sides of the conflict.

Although Jews had served in the armed forces of the United States prior to the Civil War, it was not until the War Between the States that Jews were admitted as chaplains for the military. In the North, Jacob Frankel, leader of the Rodeph Shalom Congregation in Philadelphia, became the first Jewish chaplain in 1862, joining ranks that were previously open only to Christians. He was not the only Jew to hold an important position during the period, yet we have to look South to find the most notable Jew of the American Civil War.

The most famous American Jew from the Civil War period is Judah P. Benjamin. Benjamin was born in the West Indies in 1811, raised in Charleston, South Carolina, and later became a United States Senator from Louisiana. When the Confederate States of America seceded in 1861, Confederate President Jefferson Davis chose Benjamin for the position of Attorney General, but Benjamin would move on to serve as Secretary of War and then later, Secretary of State.

Interestingly, Benjamin seems to have taken the blame willingly on several occasions for the missteps of the Confederacy even though he did not deserve it. He also proposed that the Southern states free any slave who volunteered to fight for the Confederacy, an idea that Southern citizens rejected soundly. Benjamin fled to England at the end of the Civil War, for many people unfairly blamed him for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and he is today buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

Given the racism associated with the American South, it is ironic that the most notorious example of anti-Semitism occurred under the watch of a Northern general. In December of 1862, General Ulysses S. Grant issued an order calling for the expulsion of all Jews from Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. He appears to have been frustrated in trying to control Northern access to Southern cotton and was reacting to the involvement of some Jews in that industry. In any case, Abraham Lincoln went on to order Grant to rescind the order only a month later, and despite the incident, Grant later enjoyed the support of many Jews in his run for the presidency of the United States.

Many historians would credit Jewish participation in the American Civil War with helping American Jews develop a self-conscious identity as American citizens. Undoubtedly, this is true. A greater knowledge of the Jewish community?s role in the Civil War would go a long way to helping American society better understand how Jewish Americans are an integral part of the fabric of American life.

For more information on Jews in the Civil War:

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Shirrush       4/22/2010 6:05:40 AM
Hamilcar, thank you for the moving Sint Eustatius story. I had never heard it. I'm also grateful to you for sharing with us these details about the US jewry's history, which remain unfamiliar to most of us. We know a lot about France and the rest of Europe in the same time frame, but the early days of the Jews in the US of A do not get the same attention, maybe because so few people were involved, and because their descendants are unlikely to have remained Jewish. Most of today's US Jews are the descendants of late 19th-early 20th century Ashkenazi immigrants. Their story is much better known, although the cultural and historical processes that led to their odd and divergent brand of Judaism are still impenetrable to most  Israelis, including yours truly.
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Hamilcar    American Science.   4/22/2010 10:19:59 PM
Never mind Albert Einstein:
Albert who?
Dr. Albert Sabin with Dr. Alfred Gottschalk, then President of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.
American Jewish Medical Inventors
The scourge of poliomyelitis (polio), which struck thousands of children was eliminated by vaccines developed by Jonas Salk (1914-95) and Albert Sabin (1906-93). The Salk vaccine is given by intramuscular injection and the Sabin vaccine is given orally.
And of course there was Jonas Salk.
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Tom042       4/22/2010 11:37:43 PM

I think that any debt has been taken care of by the US continual blind support for Israel and a few instances such as Israel caught spying on the US and that little USS Liberty incident.  Israel should be a little more thankful for such an understanding big brother.
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Hamilcar    The USS Liberty.....    4/23/2010 12:18:00 AM
was spying on the Israelis. The engagement was still an accident.
When men, flying slow byplanes, cannot tell the difference between this:" height="480" width="693" /> 
and this:" height="429" width="693" /> 

Then:" height="487" width="690" />
and this" height="254" width="687" /> 
 Fast jets roar overhead, some Egyptians ship is shelling the Israelis along the coast, and an Israeli shore command harassed confused torpedo flotilla commander, who was pestered for reports and orders, who had to hurriedly thumb through a hasty and poorly prepared silhouette recognition book that was just put out by a small navy, and do this in reduced visibility weather condition where all he saw was portions of the ship at various aspects? 
Crap happens.
Keep things in true perspective 

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Ezekiel    US Aid to Israel   4/23/2010 4:38:39 AM

I think that any debt has been taken care of by the US continual blind support for Israel and a few instances such as Israel caught spying on the US and that little USS Liberty incident.  Israel should be a little more thankful for such an understanding big brother.

I have always been a proponent for Israel to stop taking aid from the US...because Israel doesn't need it anymore and also b/c of stupid Americans that believe the aid provides for Israel's vassal status. The fact is the US gets far more out of the aid then Israel does. Now with the Obama sticking it to ISrael, making absurd demands and shocking display of diplomatic puts this aid in a whole different light.
Israel must be able to act as free agent unhampered by outside influence in its national interest, especially from an arrogant and naive president who practices muslim appeasement
A good article to check out the true cost of US aid to Israel:

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Hamilcar    we are going to return to the topic.   4/23/2010 9:21:43 PM
I just think it is specifically interesting how this history element is not taught or is overlooked. Where freedom occasionally takes root and is fiercely championed, the Human spirit of innovation thrives.
Cultures that stress personal responsibility, and individual excellence through achievement, are cultures that owe a lot to a certain specific civilization that first fostered those values.    
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swhitebull    About that little USS Liberty Incident   4/23/2010 10:23:21 PM

I think that any debt has been taken care of by the US continual blind support for Israel and a few instances such as Israel caught spying on the US and that little USS Liberty incident.  Israel should be a little more thankful for such an understanding big brother.

from 2003 discussion thread:

swhitebull    And a followup - newly released NSA tapes seem to back the Israeli contentions   7/9/2003 7:41:34 PM
This article appeared in today's Jerusalem's Post- to summarize, the tape transcipts show that the Israelis did indeed think it was an Egyptian vessel attacked. This was recorded by a US spy plane in the area. link swhitebull- maybe we should just all let this rest.
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swhitebull    RE:New Naval Proceedings Article on USS Liberty   7/9/2003 7:45:22 PM
And this from the Judge that successfully pried open the NSA classified files: link swhitebull - if these tapes are accurate - and there is no reason to doubt their veracity - this should put to rest those who have accused Israel of deliberately targetting the Liberty (as Ive written before, there 's a lot of fog in a war zone, and the US has snooped on its allies before, just like other country's have done). An unfortunate MISTAKE- but a mistake nonetheless.
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