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Subject: Question about Jews in gentile forces
jastayme3    2/11/2009 2:41:34 PM
This is for Eaze or anyone else who has studied the Law. Is there any guideline for a Jew enlisted in a gentile millitary force? Or indeed similar mixed endeavours in stressful situations in which the discipline of the organization conflicts with the discipline of the Law. Rations are an example of difficulty though most rations issued have some kosherness(gentile salt meat can't be eaten but hardtack can). I remember reading somewhere that Jewish traders in Central Asia would pay the guards extra to stay with them through the Sabbath. Then they would do a forced march to catch up to the rest of the caravan. And of course any nation that desires can deal with that problem by using segragated units. The Jewish Brigade for instance would not have been any burdan on Imperial logistics that are used to adjusting supplies to tradition. Not to mention, most were secular Jews anyway. For the matter of that, I believe the IDF does that for Ultra-Orthadox Jews. Are there any other simmilar difficulties that have been noted in history? And how have they been solved?
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