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Subject: IsraellyCool LiveBlogs Operation Cast Lead - Great Site!!
swhitebull    1/3/2009 7:32:43 PM swhitebull
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swhitebull    One More Live Blogger of the Action    1/3/2009 7:37:13 PM
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swhitebull    More Crispy Critters   1/4/2009 8:45:49 AM
First we have a repeat of Sheikh Yassin with the dude's head bouncing around looking for a golf hole to find, along with his with legitimized harem joining him -but they were NOT virgins, were they? Tthen 2 more yesterday,  now a fourth is toasted.
From Muqata.blogspot:
Day 9:
12:51 PM Hamad, Hamas terrorist killed by IAF precision airstrike was a primary commander responsible for Grad/Katyusha strikes agaisnt Be'er Sheva and Western Negev cities.

12:49 PM Reports that Senior Hamas Terrorist, Muhammad Hamdan killed by IAF airstrike, based on up to date Shabak intelligence.
swhitebull - keep the pressure up, lads.  You're fighting the good fight for all of us.
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