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Subject: Ehud Olmert - Visionary or loudmouth?
battar    11/11/2008 3:01:44 PM
The other day Ehud Olmert - knowing his political career is over - said that for Israel to remain a Jewish democratic state it must give up control over the West bank and parts of east Jerusalem. Of course, this made a lot of people verrry angry, but since Olmert is not running for public office he doesn't have to limit his speech only to what the public wants to hear. To the impartial observer there may be more than a little sense in what he said - and what sayeth thou? Incidentally, an ex police chief said in a radio interview that east and west Jerusalem have never been reunited - the Moslem villages and neighbourhoods in the east might as well be a different country, and the police have never had much control over them.
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Ezekiel       11/16/2008 3:33:26 PM


Look up some maps of he Bible period.  You will see that Gaza was never the land of the ancestors of Israel. Northern Jordan was. Nahariya wasn't. There was little Jewish settlement on the coast even during the reign of David and Solomon, and what there was fell between Ashdod (more or less) and Haifa. After the destruction of he first temple, the Israelite population was concentrated mostly in Jerusalem and Judeah.


You are wrong....
Under the David-Solomon Kingdoms the Hebrews were sovereign. Tribes from Shimon, Judah and Ephraim settled there. The place is the setting of samsons heroic end, the place where King David conquered and where in 1967 Israel once again returned in battle, and inhabited by 9000 sons and daughters of those ancestors who once lived.
When the muslims conquest came upon gaza in the late 7th century, there was a Jewish community that fought along side the Byzantians.

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battar    Philistines   11/17/2008 2:11:05 PM
Part of the kingdom, yes, but inhabited by the Philistines, not Hebrews.
Even then the residents of the strip caused trouble for everyone, and left their mark in history as a synonym for uncultured people. Not a lot has changed since then.
The fact that Jews were living there in the 7th century is irrelevant. Jews were living all over the place in the 7th century. My ancestors most certainly were elsewhere at the time - and not anywhere I would want to live now.
Other than that, I stand corrected on history.
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