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Subject: Yellow outing!
Shirrush    5/6/2008 9:34:27 AM
Olmert's last corruption scandal is hopefully his public swan's song.
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Shirrush       5/6/2008 10:15:06 AM
The Israeli press is muzzled by a court's gag order, and details of this affair will not be disclosed, if at all, until after Independence Day next Thursday. This order, however, obviously does not extend to the US tabloids. Thank you New York Post!

Most of us think the ever-slippery Olmert finally got caught this time, and will have to resign and even do time. Before I go into election mode, I am very worried about the leadership of the provisional government that'll take care of things until a new Knesset is elected. Mrs. Livni, a very smart, well-meaning, and reportedly honest politician, does not seem to have what it takes to lead in wartime, as the Syrians and their Shi'ite mentors could be tempted to miscalculate badly in an attempt to exploit the crisis, which in their totalitarian minds might be read as a state of extreme weakness.
Shaul Mofaz, who is a former Chief of Staff, has the military experience, but he is neither smart nor well-meaning.
Ehud Barak's party does not have the required number of parliament seats even for an interim term, and he's an unpopular dud anyway, who repeatedly let Israel's enemies get away with everything they came up with to hurt us.
Another reason to be concerned is, well, the fact that unelected bureaucracies, i.e. the police and the General Attorney, have the power to at least stall the very functioning of duly elected officials. In some other democracies, the elected have immunity from police attention until they are removed by a parliamentary impeachment procedure, or until their term ends.
While this may encourage corruption at the highest levels of government, it also allows the Ship of State to keep sailing a reasonably straight course, while protecting the principle that the elected executive branch must have precedence on its professional instruments of power.
The bottom line, IMV, is that the Israeli government is not functioning, and likely will not resume its normal pace of work until this is over, that is, until a new and legitimate replacement is elected. This is likely to take time, during which the country will be exposed to an ever-growing security risk, and the people will be ruled by an arbitrary, undeserving and unaccountable bureaucratic elite. Democracy loses.
Jitstorm ahead!

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